A nice night!

I’m reading this blog! Please check it out it is really good! Let’s just say I’m really glad I’ve got my laptop working again, it makes it so much easier to use the Net and everything. I downloaded Snippets onto the phone too, so I’m writing on the laptop in an edit box, and there’s a box on the phone’s screen which is also editable. Pretty cool huh! So if I type in the phone, the box on the laptop page takes that info, and vice versa. Now I’m using my phone so whatever I’m writing now, is going into the edit box on the laptop! Snippets is a really good tool. My laptop’s keyboard is shit, so I’m using the phone to type, and all I need to do is use my laptop to copy and paste this entry into my WordPress site. In the same manner, I can use my phone to copy and paste this into the WordPress app.

It’s raining tonight. I had the aircon on all day because it was quite warm, but tonight me and Troy got a bit cold, so I turned the air conditioner off, and when I went into the bathroom to have a shower, I heard rain! So I’m glad I turned the air conditioner off. I went for a walk earlier to do a bit of exploring and also to give Troy a bit of exercise. But when I tried to walk across a car park, someone freaked out and explained all the complications to me… Which in turn scared me a lot because the guy said the same things that family and O and M instructors had said, and also agreed that I should get another O and M instructor to evaluate. So this lovely guy was kind enough to take me to a good fish and chips shop, which wasn’t far away. I just can’t get across to it because of how busy it gets with all the different vehicles going in and out, and lack of footpath and all that. I did end up getting the most delicious feed, and couldn’t thank the man enough for helping me! I’m really upset because I can’t think of a better way to exercise my dog, so I felt I had no choice but to try to walk to the shops even if it meant getting someone to help me. But I’m still happy I went for a walk, it gave me and Troy a chance to get out of the house for some fresh air and a good stretch.

Tomorrow I havee my support worker coming around for three hours in the afternoo. I’ll quickly buy some salad for the next day’s lunch with my grandparents, and I’ll be taking the bird to the pet shop to socialise with the staff and other people, and the bird that lives at the shop. She loves it there! I love my support worker, we have a good time driving around and hanging out at shops and everything. I hope my credit card will be here tomorrow. That way I can get it working and get my support worker to help me edit my billing information in my accounts just because I know she’ll do it quicker. Actually, I’m gonna email her in the morning to ask her to bring the Mac around so she can use that. She may not be able to, but we’ll see what she says when I email her. The support worker has a bit of trouble using my laptop. Oh well… We’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see what transpires. After the support worker leaves, I’m gonna have a lzy weekend. Saturday is an outing day for me, but my grandparents are elderly now, so going to the Esplinade for two hours for a bit of exercise and a feed won’t be that difficult for me. I reminded Nan that since the doctor considers me to be quite fit, she wants me to do as much exercise as I’m able to each day. In my case it’s a fucking lot lol! Her other issue is that I sometimes don’t drink enough water, so now that I drink a lot of water all the time, I have tonnes of energy. Haha I’m worse than Troy sometimes. So in other words, I’m not restricted with what I can do. If I want to walk for three hours, then I should do it. When the O and M instructor turns up in a couple of weeks, I’ll see what she reckons about travel routes requiring long walks. Surely there has to be some routes that aren’t dangerous! I seriously need to get out all the time again.


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