If any of you have been following my blog for the past few years, well by now you’d know that I’m quite an avid Caringbridge follower. Over the past four-five years, people have either left their journals, died if they happened to be the journalist at the time so someone would have taken over the reporting, or have had loved ones unfortunately dying. Very sad indeed! So…… Here we go with another up-and-down journey of a not-so-little girl now. Meaning, she has had problems all of her life, has had two bone marrow transplants if I’m correct in remembering right, and is sadly, encountering more problems. So let’s pray for Mara! She has also had a kidney transplant, Mara actually did pretty good for a while considering what she went through previously which you can discover by reading her entries. Believe me, most people would cry while reading them some of them are so sad! Anyway, I felt good that from now on I’ll be reading good news entries. But as it always happens, hope gets dashed!!!!!!!!!!! Now Mara is developing life-threatening issues! Please tell me they aren’t permanent! She is a strong girl.

Besides the sadness of today’s Caringbridge entry, things are still going as planned so far. The computer guy showed up and took photos of a couple of cards so I’m hoping they can be verified by Stripe or I’m going to be very fucking upset! I didn’t create a successful fund-raiser for it to be friggen ruined over a stupid fucken security policy! So let’s hope Stripe has verified my account by tomorrow or I’ll go mad. I’m gonna check the mail in a minute and see if my credit card is there. If it is I’m sorting it out right now I’m sick of sitting around doing nothing. Now that I’m on track with Centrelink, I know I’ll be fine for a long time. I’m just so happy that I killed two birds with one stone today! All I need to do is find an affordable way to get to YAPS and start volunteering there! Anything to get out of the house and possibly get a bit more money with a mobility allowance would be fantastic! Next week I’ll see how I go with the money situation, and I may possibly go to either YAPS or RSPCA. Time will tell.


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