Day -20 and -19

Yesterday was a boring day for me. I laid around and chatted to friends over Skype. In the afternoon my shopping delivery arrived, and I put everything away so now the fridge and pantry are packed! I did some recordings on Voice Memos and uploaded them to Audioboom, which I’m hoping will work when people click on them. The Audioboom app is really shit, but when uploading to the website via the computer, it’s not too bad! I just have to upload posts one at a time, otherwise if I do all posts at once, they go to the site based on uploading speed, not on the order of when I first did the recording upload. For example, if I do two recordings and then put them both in the Audioboom uploading queue, the recordings won’t upload in the order that I intended for them. So from now on I’ll time when recordings are loaded onto the site, so if I do have to upload more than one file, I can put them onto the Audioboom server in proper order. Besides that nothing really happened. I made the nicest meal last night – it was sooooooooooo nice! I’ll be eating my big bowl of it soon.

Today me and Troy went out. It may have been later than intended, but we still went ou7t. I withdrew money, then I sat down for an hour and a half while I ate a really delicious ham and salad sandwich, and drank a can of coke. Then I went to the chemist and got the most strongest cough syrup available, believe me I made sure they knew how fucked it was! Without the swearing of course. Then I gave them the low-down on my proneness to mistakes and everything. Better explaining this shit today than waiting for something to go wrong and having to explain things in the ER. I got the medication so now I’ll be taking it for the required amount of times per day for as long as it takes to stop me from coughing, or until I finally go to the doctor. Hopefully I’ll be better before I take that step because it won’t be very frigging pretty. I’m expecting a call from the pet supply shop next week, so if I end up in the shit because of this coughing thing, I’ll be losing my mind. I don’t need comlications from this cold that I got rid of, to crop up now, because life is going well for me and I don’t want any bullshit in it. So after I went to the chemist, I brought Troy home and turned the aircon on. It’s so hot outside! Troy is resting now. Tomorrow I have to wake up early, I don’t have a choice in the matter, and when I’ve eaten and dosed the medicine, I’ll be going to Gordonvale. Then if I have time, I’m going to Vision Australia. Otherwise I’ll be going to VA next week most likely on Monday. On Friday morning I have to get up early because of my medication, and so I’ll try to go somewhere, but it’s not a definite. Then in the afternoon I’ve got the support worker, so maybe I’ll just do my particular outing with her then. I want to make as many memories as I can within the couple of weeks that Troy has left of his career. I want to take Troy to another shopping Centre that I used to go to all the time, whenever I get the opportunity. It will have to be at some point next week, because this will be his last time coming to this shopping centre with me. Believe me, when Troy has done all these “last trips”, OMG it’s really gonna sink in that he won’t be helping me get around anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really don’t like this crap. I’ll be going to a fish and chips shop next week too, for the last time with Troy. There’s a lot of things I’ll miss when I have to leave the dog at home because the harness will be taken away. At least this blog will be here for me to record my experience of that day. I’ll be drinking a whole lot of coffee and eating a fair bit of junk food believe me! But at least I can also take my dog to the park for exercise. It’s only down the road, and I have a big tracking line so he can run around with no problems. I could just buy an extra tracking lead to extend it heaps more I guess. But we’ll see how he goes having a run around with this tracking line. The park isn’t enclosed, so the tracking line will stop Troy from bolting away if he sees another dog or something.

The rest of my afternoon will be pretty boring. I’ll be getting a feed in a few minutes, and I’ll be uploading files to Audioboom as well. Actually, I think I’ll upload the files and leave that window open while I’m microwaving my dinner so I won’t have to worry about this later. Then I’ll be playing around with some file merging software, which should be fun. I have to download it to the computer first, but I’ll think about all this when I’ve eaten. At least I’m still hungry and not very thirsty, still pretty alert but a bit tired. So my thinking is slightly scattered but then I’m not struggling to cough up phlegm either. Besides feeling slightly foggy, I’m fine. I can still concentrate fairly good on writing this blog so I can’t be too bad! The house is nice and cool now. Every time I take Troy outside, it feels like I’m going into an oven. I have to feed the dog soon so I’ll do another audio recording, and I’ll play around with some computer software and see if I can merge this file with another file I’ve got. I want to see if I can put a longer recording onto the Audioboom site too, if I upload files from the computer. Recording time is currently set at sixty minutes because of my Plus account, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens if I drop a file into the uploading queue, instead of using the computer to record audio. It’s not as if the computer allows me to record sound anyway, the internal mic is shit! Anyway, let’s see how this goes.


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