Day -21

Me and Troy were going to go out today, but I felt that without money, an outing would be pointless. So tonight I’m setting my alarm on my iPad because it’s a lot louder than my phone. I’ll be waking up early and me and Troy are going out all day and will be back home in time for the shopping delivery. So now I’m eating rice bubbles for brunch, since I slept in late. The milk is about to expire, even though it has been in the freezer for days and I took it out a few days ago. Milk is like that, you pretty much need to either keep it frozen or use it straight away, or within the expiry date guidelines. I ended up catching another minor cold, so I’m hoping my immune system doesn’t play up on me like it did two years ago, where it wasn’t fighting illnesses properly I can’t take another chance with this fucking crap, I’ll have to reluctantly go to the doctors if I keep getting illnesses all the time this year. I refused a checkup to see what was wrong two years ago, but instead took vitamin pills to correct whatever was stuffing my immunity. This time, the doctor wants to know what the problem is, just in case it’s more serious. Fair enough, but if vitamins helped me then, why not now? Anyway, the doctor has been to school for a lot longer than I have, so I’m guessing that he or she should know what they’re on about most of the time. Anyway, let’s hope my health doesn’t go bad this year, and maybe I won’t have to see a doctor will I? As for Troy, he will be getting a good workout tomorrow.

Last night I updated Word Press on the iPad. It isn’t working good now. So I haven’t updated the app in my phone. Since iOS 942 came out, the iPad isn’t working very well either. I got so frustrated with it last night that I nearly smashed the screen when I punched it! In other news, I’m hoping to get a call from the pet shop next week! She should be able to bring a baby bird to the pet shop so I’ll get the opportunity to meet it. I’ll be talking to it and holding it way heaps before I bring it home. That way I won’t have a difficult time handling it while I finish caring for its needs as a baby. I’ll be looking into spoon-feeding it on odd occasions, but we’ll see how it goes and I’ll work it out from there. I really hope I do well with looking after a budgie! The bird will be a really good distraction so I won’t always be worrying about getting used to Troy’s retirement. Stuff like going out with the cane, he won’t be hanging around me when I leave the house etc. I’ve got a good work-around for keeping Troy fit and all that, so I’m keeping him for as long as possible now. I figure that since I’m paying my bills, I’m the one who chooses whether I can make a budget for keeping two dogs and a bird, or not. I just think it’s stupid to just ditch a dog you’ve had for so long! And if I re-home Troy and that person and I don’t know each other, they aren’t going to care that Troy has been my best friend and a really good helper for eight years. I know they will care that whoever kept this dog will miss him, but they won’t care about my need for saying hi to Troy every week or two, for the rest of his life. I told the family this, I basically said either Troy goes to somebody I know so I can visit him, or he doesn’t get re-homed at all, unless I absolutely have to. Apparently I’m getting a thumbs-up from a lot of people, because I haven’t been told to get rid of Troy by most people I know. The three people expecting me to ditch my dog are heartless and control freaks anyway. And one of the said people telling me to clip one wing of my new bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! I won’t be doing that. Clipping two wings is better for the bird, it won’t fly properly but it won’t be put off balance either. If you clip one wing, it won’t fly straight, and it won’t land properly either. And I will not tolerate avoidable accidents under any circumstances. Anyone that does hurt my bird will be paying the bill if they don’t want to be taken to court. I’m forgiving of accidents, but not preventable accidents. We can’t know everything, but everyone should know that clipping one wing of a bird is barbaric and cruel. In any case, I plan to make life as fun as possible for me and the bird, so hopefully all should be good.


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