Troy retires soon, Day -26

I haven’t written much of late. So I thought I’d come to you tonight with some very sad news. On the 8th of February, 2016, Troy will be retired from service. He started his career on October the 15th, 2007. I’m hoping to keep him for the rest of his life. I am going to miss Troy’s company when I go out with my cane. I’m going to miss Troy’s guiding service more than anyone will ever know. I am fucking sad! So I figured that my blog would be as good a place as any, to vent. It’s horrible that Troy is retiring now instead of in six or twelve months, but at the same time I do feel positive in a lot of ways about my future mobility journey. I’ll discuss this later. But for now, I’ll be freaking out over how I’m going to manage without Troy helping me get around. He’ll be my pet dog, but he’ll be at home or at someone’s place when I go out. I honestly don’t care if I stay inside for a week except to take Troy outside for toilet breaks. I just need space to myself for a while. The good news out of all this, and even more so if the neighbours decide to assume that I’ve gone missing, is that I’ll be receiving a hand-reared budgie. He/she will be some consolation to me. And, Coles Online is working a lot better now, so can do my shopping without having to leave the house. Plus while I’m getting over Troy’s retirement, I won’t be going out a lot anyway, so a lot of pensions are going to be sitting in the bank. All I can say is, Troy is retiring before he has even had the chance to get the idea that maybe he has worked for long enough. He’s still rather energetic, but oh well, he’s retiring and that’s it. Damn! I do notice that he’s starting to get a bit slower, his energy is there but his stamina for fast walking speeds is starting to wayne. So another six months would have been better for Troy, just to let him work in more restricted areas, like just to the local shopping centre, etc. At the moment he’s fine, but in three months he’d need to work more locally to cut out some walking distance and cut down on mental concentration etc. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about his retirement now is there? So after he’s retired, I’m changing directions in my life, hopefully for the better. Watch this space!


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