My day is going well

I’m at VA at the moment. I’ve been hanging out here for an hour. So I’ll be leaving here soon to sit down at my favourite cafe for a while. Poor Troy isn’t handling the weather too well, he was so hot earlier! I put his bowl of water in front of him and I even got some for him earlier too, but he still only drinks whenever he wants to. I want him to drink plenty of water though so on Friday I’m going to a pet pharmacy to buy a water flavour product that encourages pets to drink more water. That way on some occasions I can flavour Troy’s water when I think he’s not getting quite enough. Dogs aren’t like us, they do drink when they want as we do, but they don’t understand dehydration and how dangerous it is not to have enough water. These products don’t replace plain water, but they do help dogs get enough water on very hot days when they aren’t drinking enough on their own initiative. Other than that, he’s fine. I’m doing fine too. I try to go out for the whole day so when I go home, me and Troy aren’t in a locked-up place for too long other than for him to go outside. Four weeks ago when I was really sick and all that, going outside other than for Troy wasn’t an option. I was way too sick. But now at least I can go out for six or eight hours and stay locked up at home for six or eight hours without problems.

I’m now sitting on the bus ready to go home. The cafe I love to go to is closed for the day except for coffee and other drinks and snacks. So I’m going back home. I’ll lock myself up and have a big pig-out. I’m starving, but I don’t wanna go to the shopping centre and spend money on taxi fares. So home it is, back to the crazy neighbours. So long as there’s peace I won’t worry to much, but at this stage I have to be ready for anything. At least I went out today. I’ll be going out tomorrow. And hopefully avoiding bus accidents in the process God damn it! Hopefully World War 3 won’t happen again soon, is all I can say. I just want peace at home. The good thing is I can go out for the day, every day if I want to. I so can’t wait to pig out on sandwiches. I love salad and ham sandwiches! I can’t decide whether to turn the air-con on. It was very hot today. Imagine what it’ll be like in October! I have to keep an eye on Troy with the heat though, it really gets to him now. I’m sort of freaking out. I’m almost where I need to be to get off, will write more at home.

I got home an hour and a bit ago. I made two ham lettuce tomato sandwiches. They were yum. I didn’t want sauce or salt, they were just fine how they were. Then I took the rubbish out, cleaned up after myself and washed the dishes, then fed the dog. Now I’m set to write for a while before taking Troy out for the evening. I’m so glad I took him out today! He loves a good bus ride and sitting around at cafes and other places. And when we get home, Troy loves to just vege out. Sounds like what I’d do lol! Now I’m in my cubby house, it’s nice and peaceful and quiet. Going outside without a good reason is a no-no for the time being. Troy has to go outside, but I won’t just loiter around outside, except to leave the residence if I want some fresh air. Maybe I need to go to the park now. It’ll be lovely there at the moment! Maybe giving Troy a good brushing and just sitting there for a while would be a good idea. Spring is here now so of course it takes longer for the sun to go down. So I think it’ll be relatively safe to sit at the park for an hour, and I guess this would be the case most of the time. If I’m not at the park I’m shut away in my house for my own safety.


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