Not much happening…

It’s getting late in the evening but since I’m using my somewhat now working laptop, I’ve decided to write a lovely blog anyway. Facebook always plays up, but that’s no surprise really. Apple and FB are in love with each other, Windows PCs and screen-readers hate Facebook but what can I do? I need to live my life no matter what, so I just use FB anyway, whether my computer likes it or not lol. It has been a pretty drizzly day with the rain going on and off. Tonight I’ve got my doors open with screens locked, letting fresh breezes run through my house. The way the unit is situated is awesome! My chest is playing up on me and has been for almost two months, but at least it’s coughing all the time which is the worst of it. When I’m not coughing I’m not too bad really. So hopefully my bad cough will just go away gradually. Ok, right now I can hear funny noises outside, I might do a bit of eavesdropping. I love eavesdropping! At night I can hear traffic because the street I’m on is busy pretty much all day and all night. Then there’s he quirks of the neighbours. Then the crickets… And the peace and quiet with the occasional siren. Oh, and maybe sometimes a dog fight! Other than being as poor as an old dog, I’m doing fine. I’ve got Troy’s stuff on track so now I don’t need to worry about his tic medication until next year. He just needs one chewable tablet each month. Same with the new worming medication I’ll be giving him starting from May next year. Two hundred dollars just for one heart-worm needle is absolutely ridiculous! If it’s fifty percent cheaper to give him something each month that will work just as well, then I’ll take that. Not only is Troy a top priority for me, but so is my own life, and nobody has the entitlement to tell me how to live my life if I’m not harming anybody. Troy is retiring next year, so I’m getting the ball rolling for getting matched to a new dog as soon as I possibly can. The cane is a mobility aide, but I prefer a dog over the cane and would prefer to use the cane as back-up material only. So when I’ve got all the logistics sorted I’ll let you all know what I’m doing. Until then I’m carrying on with my life as usual. I love how people help me, but I also have the right to decision-making, and I also have the final say as to what happens in my life. I’ll get all the support that I need, training instruction etc, but when it comes to my lifestyle, I have the right to over-ride what everyone in the whole wide world says. So long as my lifestyle isn’t harming kids and animals, I shall do as I like whenever I wish.

I’m happy to have kept this blog. Last year I considered deleting it. But I thought better of it. I’m just so happy I can write as usual now. I’m glad because just imagine if I’d lost my blog! And my Wi-fi network has enabled me to use the computer as I used to do, only this time it’s a new laptop and the Internet has a huge data upload thing. I have a huge bill to pay next week but only because it’s the first bill, and first bills are always the worst haha! I have to buy a good lot of groceries next week too, not this one but the one after that. Yeah, so much for I can save money! I will do, what it means is no going out for three months. Very very disappointing because there’s a family event I really really want to go to! Anyway I have until the 25th of July to sort out my money, otherwise that’s it I’m missing out. I really wantd to do Christmas too, but maybe the only way I can manage that is by not going out for ages and ages. At least I have the computer to keep me entertained all day. At least most people who say they’re my friends, are really not my friends… Onlly one or two of them actually takes the time to think of me. That’s ok, I won’t be wasting time on any of my other friends anymore. I’m not putting effort into my friendships no moe, I have a friend who lives upstairs, we don’t live in each other’s back pocket but we’re considerate enough to say a quick hi and help each other out once in a while and have afternoon tea once a month. I don’t need friendship to be fancy. It just needs to be good and reasonable. Once in a while to chitchat and have a feed is fair to me. Everyone else who only wants to know me when I’m in front of their face can go and live their lives, don’t expect me to put effort into visiting everyone. Of all the people I ever visit, there’s only one or two of them who have enough respect to return the favour. Goodbye everyone else.

As for me nd Troy, we are fine. Troy has got no complaints whatsoever. I have absolutely nothing to complain about which is sooooooo cool! At least I know the new dog will love it here! I’m going to try to make sure I can get a new dog next year. It’s not guaranteed but the way I plan my future now will affect when and how long it’ll take to get my next dog. As it stands I’m pretty much doing whatever suits my lifestyle now, I don’t need advice from everyone except when it comes to cane and dog mobility training. As for everything else in my life, trust me I’m old enough to do as I like and make my own choices now! I have been that way for a very long time. I’m happy with who I am and where my life is at the moment so nobody can take that away from me. I think I’m in a better place where a new dog is concerned, I’m not living with Mum for a start, she tells me to stand up for myself then tries to run my life. Go figure! Well she’s not living with me and nobody else is running my life so when it comes to training with a new dog and getting him/her used to how I live, it should be a whole lot easier.


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