Another day

I’m using the laptop to write. I guess now that I’ve got the phone working properly with WordPress, I can just write without having to specify which device I’m using for my blogs. That’s awesome! So now I can just write as usual. I haven’t done much for a while. Just sat around the house, kept it clean and tidy to a large degree, and made sure all my washing is done. Troy is doing fine, his new tic medication is working to a tee so far. He hasn’t had any health issues due to ingesting rubbish, he hasn’t had any major problems so I hope I never have to move again for a long time. I’m having a major conflict with a certain person but that’s because I’m not standing up for myself good enough. I need to stop letting people boss me around because they aren’t living my life, I am. I know people care and only want to help, but I’m afraid most people always cross that line so I need to be more clear with everyone. If that means saying that I don’t want as much assistance in some areas of my life, so be it. If it means accepting that maybe I need to choose a different mobility training path, so be it. Nobody has the right to dictate what happens in my life or what I should or shouldn’t do unless a doctor or other health professional approves of this. I shouldn’t need to be forced to accept any situation whatsoever, not any situation. I don’t have to like travelling, I don’t have to accept certain types of assistance or training, I do not have to do anything. I’m actually here to do whatever pleases me, not what pleases everyone else around me. End of story.

The other thing I’m sorting out is an app on my phone. It’s called Audioboom, and it’s very unstable. I’m stuffing around with it for a while to see what it will and won’t do properly. I hate the layout of the app, I hate everything about the app actually. But when the recording feature works, I can be very entertaining. So I’ll try and fix it because the creators of this app certainly aren’t doing anything about it. What I’m trying to do is put a few short audio files in the uploading queue to see if it freezes or not. Long files causes the uploads to freeze so that I have to reinstall the app, but maybe short files won’t freeze it if I put a few in the queue. Let’s see what happens. I have noticed that files that are ten minutes in length or less, have no issues uploading at all. I’ve tried reporting this to Audioboom Support, but they delete my emails and use robots to reply to my emails. They’re all in it for the money. Anyway I’ve written as much as I can think to write for now, I’ll make another blog soon!


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