I didn’t write yesterday. The days are flying by way too fast! Yesterday I went out for the afternoon. I had to go to Vision Australia to talk to the occupational therapist, so before I went to VA I had a coffee from a really good cafe. Then I went into the arcade and upstairs and discussed a few things about trialling the Trekker Breeze GPS. Then I went back to the bus terminal to hang around till a bus turned up for home. Troy did really well! A group of people walked past me and made horrible remarks about Troy when I had to pick up some shit. Um, maybe they should have tried teaching a dog about a new toilet area and when it has a shit somewhere else, someone else should laugh at the idiots! People are so fucken thoughtless! Trying to teach Troy is hard enough, but when some moron adds insult to injury into the mix, I just about to want to murder someone. At least some other decent humans stepped in to help me, they were actually considerate of the fact that dogs don’t know how to cope with new environments and situations, so they effectively need training all over again. Anyway, these helpful people were nice and we turned the comments from the other group of arseholes into a funny joke so my day wasn’t totally ruined.

Overall me and Troy went well. Me and Troy are doing the rounds of Cairns next week which should be pretty fun. I went to Nan and Pop’s for dinner, the whole lot of the family likes drama and misery, but because I don’t, I was glad to get back home. If anyone thinks they can run my life, they have some sad news! And it’s not about to change. Oh, the other thing: Since I sent an email to my real estate agent the other day, the ugly mongrel dog upstairs hasn’t made a whole lot of noise. I’m so bloody happy, at least I can choose to sleep or stay awake now unlike last weekend when I and a couple of other neighbours, got extremely cranky for lack of sleep and constant frigging noise! And Mum, oh my God she hasn’t fucking changed!!!!!!!!!!! She wouldn’t let me finish explaining something about how the phone works with voice-over, and I pretty much put her in her place because when she asks a question, she needs to shut up and let me bloody answer the fucking questions. She’s not someone I can put up with for long.

Mum’s coming to visit me tomorrow arvo. I’m kinda regretting it, but I’m definitely not letting her get to me that’s for sure. She needs to get off her high horse and accept that she isn’t paying my bills anymore. She needs to get over it. Nan and Pop need to stop being so selfish too, it’s perfectly ok for them to expect sympathy whenever they see fit, but they couldn’t be more tightfisted if they tried, when it comes to giving other people the same curtesy. Anyway my family can be good in some ways but in other ways they’re painful to hang around. I actually didn’t wanna go to the granparents for dinner but I knew Mum would show up so I thought, oh well, it’s only three hours of hypochondriac shit and drama attension, I’ll just deal with it! Yeah right lol! Too difficult but I managed anyway. I just kept reminding myself that the family isn’t all bad, they just do and say a lot of things. I’m glad to be home writing this blog, I’m chilled out and relaxed now. While I’m lying here, I’m going to see if there’s a better update for WordPress. If there is, I’ll be posting this blog there. At least I can copy and paste notes into the app rather than relying on using it. I’ve got the app downloading into the iPad as I write just now. In a minute I’ll check it and when it’s ready to open I’ll sign into it and will try copying this entry into the app! I find that Safari works way too slow with my blog site and sometimes freezes. It’s bloody bullshit. I’ve got the app working so now I’m gonna try and post this. Wish me luck!


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