I’m using Safari to write this blog. Hopefully this works out! I can write in the Notes app, but with the advent of Braille screen input on Apple devices, I figure that using Safari to write would be easy enough. That way I can just publish this entry straight away! Last night’s blog post was a success, so hopefully I’ll post another blog without too many problems. Safari isn’t being a bitch to me at the moment so I guess it’s time to really get rolling! Today was pretty dull. Besides doing a few audio recordings for Audioboom, I didn’t really do much besides sit around. So I don’t have a great deal to discuss here. I’ve been coughing with a vengeance today, but I’ll be sorting this out tomorrow I think… I don’t want any trouble from coughing way too much an leaving it go for too long. And that stupid dog, holy moly it has been sooooooo annoying!!!!!!! I don’t know how people can honestly allow their dog to bark incessantly even while they’re at home! I sent an email to my real estate agent so I should get a reply from her tomorrow. I’ll update everyone on what happens, I really need to get a good sleep tonight! I’ll be relaxing with a Youtube video as soon as I’ve done this blog, and I’ll be crashing out as well. Movies and documentaries have that effect on me lol! Anyway I’ll post this entry and I’ll be bringing my iPad with me when I go out tomorrow, so I’llwrite while I’m on the bus! I’d use my phone, but my iPad is a lot easier for me to type on, and I can write for ages and ages. See you all tomorrow!


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