Finally getting back on track with blogging again!

I’m using my iPad to write this blog. I find it way easier to type on this device rather than the phone. It’ll be a lot easier for me to edit this post too because I won’t make so many spelling mistakes or typos. I don’t regret going to Vision Australia the other day! I found the training workshop to be very helpful. As a result, I’ll be bringing the laptop in on Tuesday to learn how to use iTunes properly. It is really shitting me right off!!! I tried a few times to retrieve files from iTunes so I could read them on the PC, but I had no luck with it. I have to be honest and say that using a Braille Note will make file conversion a lot easier, all I have to do is put a flash drive into the BN and simply send whatever info I want to that, then put the drive into the laptop and there you have it! So even if I do learn how to successfully convert files through iTunes, I’d still like to get the BN. So yeah, training workshops are worthwhile. I went in expecting to know everything only to come away knowing almost everything but discovered that I needed further training. So I’m happy that I went. The other thing I did was turn my talking barcode scanner on and connect it to my home network. Currently it’s plugged into a wall socket while the database updates itself. I found out from what somebody told me, that the software build is up-to-date even though it still says to press Enter to download an update. I did find out that the database has a new update, so I downloaded it. Let’s hope it works with my Wi-fi network! My mobile hotspot wasn’t strong enough to support downloading stuff onto the device so it kept timing out and stuff like that. The scanner hasn’t timed out so far so touch wood this new update installs properly! I hate how the current software update has a glitch in it where the speech cuts out suddenly and then you have to muck around to get it working normal again……… But what the hell can I do other than that? Anyway the update is still installing so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m really glad I can type in Braille on here! I can type a million times faster now. I guess I type a bit slower than on a computer, but I don’t think it’s that much slower to be honest. I’ve already typed way heaps and I’ve got it so I hear every character I type in, so I know if I’ve made a mistake straight away. And I’m not typing at a snail’s pace with just one finger! So I guess making a blog entry in a note and pasting it in to Safari when I go to the WordPress site isn’t so bad. I’m glad I’ve made life that little bit easier by getting a home network, I don’t have to worry about using all my data anymore, I can make blogs whenever I like now. I can’t believe it! When I first got an iPhone, Braille screen input didn’t even exist. It wasn’t even a consideration although a lot of us in the VI community were thinking how easy it’d be if we could write in Braille somehow, at least we could use wireless keyboards. I bought a wireless keyboard, and now that these new-fangled writing features are available, I haven’t needed to use it! And here I am lying in bed with my iPad on my lap writing a bloody blog!!!!!!!!😄 This is so seriously fucking awesome!!!!!!! So at least I have no excuse not to write entries very often anymore. This is fucking crazy, I don’t even know where to start from here because I have so many thoughts on my mind that i need to jot down now that I can actually write fluently now! Seriously man!!!!!!! Ok……. Ok let’s start with my health. It’s fine at the moment. My right eye is still perfect, not regretting the surgery at all. The rest of my physical health is good, a skin check two weeks ago revealed healthy skin for the most part, although I needed to scrub up a lot more in the shower than I’d been doing. So I’ve started using body washes instead of soap bars, and believe me I feel a hundred percent! I’m gonna get rid of the bars of soap now, I’ll have a lot more room in my bathroom vanity! I’m still keeping my other female problems under control with Panamax and anything containing Ibuprofin in the safe strongest doses. A few days of painkiller useage won’t harm me anyway, I eat and drink all the time and when I’m not having issues, I almost never take pain pills. So I’m still fine. I’m coughing way heaps of late, but I had a cold almost three weeks ago, and believe me it takes weeks for my dry cough to go away! I needed cough lollies on and off for almost five months last year, so hopefully I won’t repeat the same process this year. Speaking of repeating the process, there’s a stinkin’ mongrel dog upstairs which is extremely neglected the poor mutt!!!!!!! Anyway the friggen thing hasn’t stopped its incessant fucking barking all day! The dickhead who brought it here needs a bullet through the eyeballs, that mob in one of the units upstairs is soooooooooo bloody inconsiderate! It’s so upsetting that killing nuisance animals is outlawed, I couldnt give a stupid flying fuck what sort of dog it is or who owns it. Control the bastard or get rid of it.

Besides that life is all good. I learnt how to get around the city fairly quickly and me and Troy only needed two hours to get acquainted with the travel route to Vision Australia, so I’m going out tomorrow. I’ll be going to the food court in the arcade for a while! Then back home whenever I like knowing I won’t need a taxi! It’ll be sooooooooooo good to save money for other things now and only catch taxis when I really need to! So much for everyone telling me I’ll have it hard where I’m living now. Yeah right! Now that I can catch the buses, I can pretty much go anywhere now, and if I wanna go back home, a trip into the city for a coffee before catching the next bus home will do the trick for me. Unless I stop breathing, I have no worries at the moment. That stupid flaming dog upstairs is a worry, but luckily Troy isn’t bothered by it. So he’s all good. He’s honestly doing much better since I bought him a new bed almost six weeks ago. No playing up when I leave him home very very occasionally, no wondering around the house of a night etc. He’s a lot more perfect here than he was last year I can assure you! No more complaining to the vet, no more complaints to anyone else, and no frustration being vented on here. Right! Now that I know I can edit my blog entries on this iPad and write properly, I’m going to copy and paste this into my blog site and hope it uploads all right. Will definitely write more in the morning!


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