Testing this site with my new laptop

I’m stuffing around with my new laptop to see how I go with my site. I have to sy, NVDA had coped with WordPress a lot better! I bought a Linnobo laptop a few weeks ago, but only because JB-HiFi didn’t have the Del computer that I wanted. Oh well, next time I’ll get a better laptop than this one. The one I’ve got works better than the Acer, but it’s also shit in other ways too. I’m using my Microsoft keyboard to write the blog because I’ve failed with using the laptop keyboard three times because I kept knocking the mouse pad. Also, I lost what I was typing a few times by buggerising around with the key commands and all that. I think I’m on track now. Oh, the other thing I really hate about the laptop keyboard is that the Home/End and Pageup/Pagedown keys don’t work properly. They’re mouse simulato keys, and I fucking hate that so much! At least all the keys on the external keyboard work properly. I think I’ll just keep using this keyboard from now on, until I find a way to fix the stupid laptop keyboard.

I haven’t written in such a long time that I don’t even know where to start! Ok……… So I moved into my new place in December and have thrived ever since. I’m so gald I moved, I’ve been doing so well here. In the meantime I went to Brisbane and did a refresher course for a week. I didn’t want to go, but when I was in Brisbane I didn’t want to leave, and when I packed up at the end of the week to go home, I couldn’t wait to bloody get back home! There’s a camp that may or may not be happening in November, I kinda want to go and I kinda don’t. I feel that I’ll be learning what I already know, I don’t think I need more independent living skills because I already live on my own. I also think I know how to live safey, but I don’t accept or appreciate people being over-protective of me either. If I wanted to be protected, I would have asked for security of some sort. But I know how to look after my own life, I don’t need anyone else stepping in with their unwanted two bob. I’m actually not interested in hearing anyone else’s opinions about safe mobility travel, all I want to know is how to get from point A to point B, I’m not interested in all the other bullshit. Plus I won’t get any social benefit anyway, I’ just be going there solely for my own satisfaction really. Which means I’d only be going for the fun of it without actually learning anything. I’m not a child anymore, I’ll live how I like and so long as I’m not harming anyone, I won’t tak advice or change my lifestyle unless the advice is really important. Teaching me how to be a safely independent adult isn’t wanted advice, I’m almost thirty years old now and have learnt all I need to know. Mobility training is good enouh, I won’t learn any othr mobility skills where independence is concerned. Travel training is all I want to know about.

Other tan the trip to Brisbane, I haven’t done a whole lot with my life. I could be fucked if I wanna deal with wankers who don’t wat to employ blind people, so I’m not even trying to fin a job. I’m just living off government payments and shovelling food down my face whenever I can afford to buy it. I guess there’s one thing about going to Brisbane, I don’t have to feed myself! Meals are dolled out to us. Now I love that! And I did learn a few little things which I couldn’t work out, one being picking up all the dog crap without leaving any behind, and putting the dog under a chair so my life is now a hundred times easier!!!!! And I use the cane as an extended hand when I’m holding Troy’s harness so as far as I’m concerned, sighted guide isn’t necessary except in some situations where time is short or the crowds are so bad that me and Troy have a hard time keeping up with my friends. I didn’t learn mobility skills only to never use them at home. If this is how things are going to turn out, I will never go to another travel/mobility camp again. I don’t believe in doing a training course and then never applying those sills. I think that’s another reason I don’t do many training courses they’re a waste of time for me. I either take something out of these training camps or I don’t go at all. I’m not about to waste money on air fare tickets if all I’m doing is going to these mobility courses purely for a holiday. Apart from my fussiness about how I treat training camps, going to Brisbane once in a while is fine with me so long as I take travel tablets to stop my head and stomach from spinning and getting soooooooooooo painful todeal with. My motto for air travel is if traveling isn’t necessary for my survival, then I’m entitled to refuse to get on a plane. If I wanted to enjoy getting sick, I’d have Maunchousm Syndrome. And that’s something I don’t want in my life. If I wanted to get sick for attention, then I’d be doing everything I cdould to harm myself. This isn’t my lifestyle, s I either take medicine to help me travel on planes better or I don’t get on one. My life isn’t about getting out of my comfort zone or making everyone else happy so long as I can be happy to be miserable. Good luck to people who live like that, I don’t live like that. Maybe this is also why I’m getting nowhere in my life! but I’m happy with who I am so I’m not about to cange that unless my life literally depended on it.

I’m going to a workshop at Vision Australia on Wednesday. I can’t wait to blog about it! I also use Audioboom so I’ll be yapin awa on there as well. But I haven’t gotten over my writing phase, I don’t think that’ll ever happen. I like my bog too much!!!!! I was just prevented from writing in it because my phone was being a bitch! That’s fine, what I’ll do is try using my iPad to write blogs using Braille screen input and if that works, I may simply bring my iPad with me on Wednesday. The thing is, the iPad is basically glass so if it falls, it’s totally wrecked. And it’s a thin piece of equipment so it can fall from my lap so easily. But if I get a Braille Note, I can simply save my blog to a USB stick, plus the device is thicker yet a bit more compact, so I’ll be able to carry it around a lot easier. I won’t waste battery power on the phone either, and I won’t risk stuffing up the iPad if it slips out of my hands when I’m out and about. Anyway I’ll see what happens on Wednesday. Now that I’ve got my blog site sorted, I really want to keep writing in it. Ok, I have to finish writing fr now, it’s getting late and I have to feed the d and take him outside and all that. I also need to check my mailbox to see if Troy’s new tic and flea medication is here. It’s apparently better than the spot-on stuff! I’ll put the new medication aside till I use the last spot-on vial in a couple of weeks, then two weeks after that Troy will switch to his new medicine which is a chew tablet, and it only needs to be given once a month! I hope it works for him. He’s going onta new a worming medicine next year too, those heartworm injections are far to expensive! Anyway I’ll write more later.


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