Blogging using Notepad

I think I’ll write while I have the time. I spent forever trying to find a good notes app, and now that I found the right one, I figure I’d make use of it. Hang on… I want to test Braille input. Using the Braille mode isn’t working. Nor is text prediction. It has no idea what words I’m trying to type, so it’s a bloody waste of time using it. I’m gonna check something on YouTube. I’ll be right back!

I’ve worked out how to use Braille screen input. I can write fairly fast now. It’s a bit fiddly but much better than using the print keyboard.

I’m back with this blog again. I’m still getting used to Braille screen input but at least I can write more fluently now. I haven’t done much this weekend besides get over a tummy ailment which very rarely affects me. Too many bugs doing the rounds I think. Nothing an anti-nausea tab couldn’t take care of. Next time I take them will be when I get on the plane, and after that I may as well throw the rest of them away. I ain’t gonna need them for a very long time! I’m back to normal now so not to worry. The person who was on holidays is now back in her place next to me. She got back three days ago. As much as the other bloke was Nice and helpful, God he could be frigging annoying! He’s gone now, and now the original occupant is back all should be well again. No burglar would wanna come around now, her brood are lovely but they seem the type you wouldn’t want to mess with. That’s good for me, I happen to want to be friendly to them so to me they’re excellent neighbours! Apparently the family staying with this lady will be leaving in a few weeks. So basically she had her holiday and now some of her family are holidaying with her. What a life to have! But that would be better than doing nothing and getting nowhere.

I was going to go out today, but seeing how I have to go to the vet tomorrow and I’ll need a taxi home anyway, I’d rather stay home today and go out in the morning and just get a cab from the shops later. It just means spending less money on taxis. I’m hoping to go to Brisbane next week so I need all the money I can get.. Besides that I’m doing fine. I’m drinking a cuppa as I write. I’ve got my air-conditioner set just right so all is good with me. Life is peaceful so I don’t have any complaints. This braille keyboard is a bit fiddly but I can write better so It’s not too bad. I’ve been able to write a good entry in not too long a time frame, so i’m glad about that. On that note I’ll post this blog now and write again soon.

Wow, finally im in my blog site! And braille screen input doesn’t even work in it. How stupid is that! Oh well… Im using the qwerty screen for now. I got a phone call from my O and M instructor saying im definitely going to Brisbane next week! They’re covering the plane fare this time only because i didn’t have enough time to put money aside. I stressed the importance of me needing more time for all these things that i need money for, and the implications that personal care measures would have on my health long term. At least I wouldn’t need to medicate myself heavily all the time so I’ll let my travel arrangements go for now. If anything changes I’m getting my doctor to intervene because my well-being is number one on my list. I don’t accept the status quo, I need to be relatively comfortable at all times whenever possible. I won’t do anything to my expense for absolutely anyone. Let’s just hope I don’t stay drowsy for too long after I get off the plane or there’s no way in the world I’ll be doing anything on Monday. Maybe a cuppa will be in order, a cuppa always helps me! Can I be totally honest and say that if it weren’t for Troy I’d never travel anywhere except by train or car! No person or dog can give me enough consolation on the plane, I get so sick I have no option except to take pills. Oh well, I guess it can’t be any different from taking most medicines on rare occasions every twelve months or less. If this plane trip works out and I realise that I’m coping well, I’ll want excuses to prepare for travelling all the time lol! I’m just freaking out because I don’t know how I’ll go this time. I don’t know how sleepy I’ll be and for how long. The other night I needed to sleep through a really bad tummy ache which almost made me spew but I took something for that, according to the guidelines given for most of these non-prescription things. But the only other time I need nausea stuff is for plane travel, so when I’m done with this trip, I’m chucking the nausea medicine in the bin. I don’t vomit every day much less need that shit each month when Panadol and nurofen works just fine for that issue. So unless I catch a vomiting bug or get on a plane, I don’t need nausea tablets in the cupboard. I’m back in Notepad because Notes and Safari are playing up on me. So after all this time and stuffing around I can post my blog. I’ll be putting my phone on flight mode when I’m seated in the plane so if I’m not passed out I’ll write in here. Fancy an Apple app not working as well as a different app! Oh well I’ve sorted it out. Let’s see how this goes.


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