I had a really nice meal last night. I had three sausages with vege and gravy. I chilled out for a while. After that I did dishes, I was in a rush to get them done so I just chucked them around while I was getting the hard-to-wash ones cleaned up, before doing the easy ones. I knocked some dishes onto the floor and thought bugger it, I wanted to just grab and wash, throw some dishes aside so I could wash dishes I’d put in the sink and I grabbed other ones off the bench and all I wanted to do was hastily clean the kitchen. But I didn’t think anything of my rush job till I stepped back on what I thought was a fork and felt pain rip through my foot. I thought oh fuck that’s what happens for throwing dishes everywhere in a rush to wash them! Anyway, I reached down and found a piece of glass on my foot so I tore it away and realised I had a bit more than a sore foot. I thought there goes my frigging saucepan lid, but found out later it was a coffee mug! Oh my God! What a dickhead!!!!!!! I grabbed a box of tissues and sneered blood everywhere as I attempted to stop my foot from bleeding. I really hurt myself but I was more concerned about my life than I was about pain at that point. I called out and one of the neighbours came to help me. I squirmed on my bum over to the front door and unlocked it. At that point I’d dripped blood on me and over the floor. It was disgusting! The guy called 000 and at that stage my other neighbour turned up and kept me awake until the medics turned up. I was stuffed by then but luckily I didn’t totally crash in front of everyone. I felt like absolute shit but Troy came over to me, the sweet heart that he is, and licked my hands and stood near me while I scratched his chin and chest. Instant relief as Troy was jumping up and down like hay I’m so glad you’re all right! Apparently I was ok to handle feeling sick and slightly dizzy after that because Troy kept making us laugh haha! I was allowed to stay home and the cut wasn’t big, it was more of a puncture wound. So I have to get it checked in two days to make sure it’s improving. Glass is very dangerous, any bugs or beverage residue that’s on it can be deadly. So hopefully I won’t need a fucking tetanus needle. I’d rather have a fit than have a tetanus shot. I’m gonna make sure I take pain pills to the doctors in case I need to take some. I’m a bit concerned actually. It’s so easy to be high and mighty about why it’s better to have needles or whatever treatment until you’re in the situation. Different story then isn’t it! Oh well, let’s see what happens.

I’m gonna chill out today. I had cereal for breakfast and a bacon and egg sandwich for lunch. I’ll sit on my arse for a while, take Troy outside, and slowly take washing off the line. I am so glad I did the washing yesterday! I have to do towels but they can wait till the weekend. My safety always comes first. So does my blood volume. Second to that is my phone. I can’t let it get wrecked for anything. At least I’m getting better so far. And my dog isn’t doing too badly despite freaking out a bit. But I encouraged everyone to interact with him to make him happy and calm. It’s not often that the dog has to put up with watching me getting help to stay alive and well. I ate a fair bit and drank a tonne, so besides the possibility of getting a disease, I’m not too bad. I feel run down and tired so I’d better be over that tomorrow. I just hope I’ve replaced my cup or two of blood that I lost. I’ll be asking the doctor about that since I’m sure he checks trauma victims every day or once or twice a week at the minimum. It’s supposed to take a few hours to replace blood but I want to be certain of that. And I don’t want to catch any diseases.


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