Plans for the future: nearing the time for retiring Troy

I haven’t written in here for a while. I wrote on the laptop almost two weeks ago so I thought I’d write today. I’m doing ok and Troy is still doing perfect! I wish I had been able to move into this place years ago! Oh well I’m here now so I can’t change the past. Troy is nine years old. I can’t believe I had this dog for seven years already. And time is almost up, he’ll need to retire next year. It’s not as devastating as having to let him go sooner rather than later. Every dog has to finish working at some point. I just don’t want to let him go to another home but since I can’t afford to keep two dogs and I can’t keep pets, it looks like I may have to let Troy go next year at some point. I really hate to think that, but Troy’s welfare as a pet dog is of top priority and staying home all day just won’t work for him. He needs someone who can walk him every day, somewhere where he can run around a lot and spend the rest of his days having a good time instead of just sitting around. As much as I’d really love to keep Troy, it really won’t work out for me, otherwise I’d have no hesitation in keeping him. And after finding out that I have to reapply for a new guide dog right from the start because of Troy coming from Adelaide instead of Queensland, I have a few extremely hard decisions to make. I go to the doctors all the time now so I’ll be sorting my air travel problems out. So being that I have that sorted, I’ll be making a few choices about future guide dogs and the like. If I don’t fix my airplane issues out, I won’t be doing any travelling. When I’ve decided where I’m going with getting another dog, I’ll let you all know. Stay tuned! I need to look at financial obligations and everything. At least I’ll be familiar with Cairns by then. It’ll be hard getting used to a new dog but I won’t have to worry about learning new areas straight away so I’m hoping I’ll find it easier to get used to a new dog.

It’ll be nice when I can go out a lot more. I can keep myself distracted at least for a while. Canes are important so you can get around without a dog, but like deciding between walking or riding a bike, I’d rather use the dog over a cane and will use a cane only if the dog can’t help me. When I’ve worked out what’s happening with my O and M and all that, I’ll discuss it. Until then let’s focus on this year and my current dog. He’s doing really good with helping me. I’m having a hard time with some things but apart from that we do well when I take him out. Hopefully Troy will continue to do well for a long time yet. He’s really healthy, so I hope he is still working well by the time he retires next year. I also hope I have a plan of action happening by then so it won’t be a long time before I get a new dog. I’ll do as much orientation training as I can this year so the new dog can transitions into its working life as comfortably as it can. And I want my application for the dog to be as convincing as possible so there won’t be a big stuff-around getting it approved. In the meantime I want to stay as happy as possible. My independence and orientation training don’t mean anything to me if I can’t be happy. In fact being include is a deal-breaker for me. Put me out of my comfort zone and I’m not interested in learning anything. My welfare and my own body has number one priority over anything and everything. I will not compromise my comfort and happiness for absolutely nothing except to deal with heart failure or severe pain or to save a person’s or animal’s life. I’ll go into more details when the time rolls around. I’ll make sure I stay sane and I’ll keep busy.


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