Quick post

I’m using the laptop connected to Wifi. So I thought I’d write a quick entry to say I’m doing fine. It’s a bit hot lately. Not as hot as it was a few weeks ago! The rain took that mongrel heatwave away for good. I’m about to do some online shopping so while I have my network connected, I’ll write more in here soon. I have a lot to catch up on and a lot of shit to rant about while I’m fortunate enough to be using this keyboard.

I’m back. I’ve just finished online shopping. I had to use Chrome in the phone because Safari and the laptop were being bitches. Anyway, I have another lot of crap done and dusted. I have a new block of butter on the way too, I dropped the container a while ago and had to put the butter in the bin because the lid came off and I friggen had to pick the butter up off the ground. So I bet the lid won’t stay smug on the container anymore. Too bad, it’s not as though I need the lid to sit perfectly anyway, I just want something to store butter in so I don’t have to keep unwrapping the paper every time I use it. So we’ll see how I go with it this time, I bet I’ll be accursed with it again, Oh my God! Salvation please! I hope I won’t keep dropping/forgetting to put it in the fridge. I want this world order to end so Jesus’ empire can be ushered in, I know most people may not want that but it’s what I hope for, and want. Believe me or not, say it’s rubbish, I don’t care. We’re all entitled to our opinions. Lol don’t blame me when Jesus comes back and you didn’t believe me hahahahaha! But seriously this earth is turning to dust really quickly and I’m getting clumsier each year. I really home I’m not developing neurological problems with age. Oh crap, the battery is about to die! So I’ll quickly ssay that today I bought a new toaster and frying pan set! I’m so happy with it. Now I’d better post it before I lose this post. Later I’ll write an entry from my phone.


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