Wireless keyboard working better with new iPhone!

Wow! I’m using my iPhone 6 to write this post, and despite my blog having thousands of posts, this app reckons I’ve never written posts before. What bullshit! Oh well I’ll work out what it’s doing. Besides that life is good, I got a Wi-fi network from Optus the other day.It runs out pretty fast,I guess some of my apps use a lot of gigs. So I was using the Wi-fi signal for a while, then I turned it off on the phone so it only receives the mobile signal now. I have until the third of May to use eight gigs and since I paid for eight gigabytes yesterday, I’ve already used about one and a half gigs between the phone and my laptop. So…….. I don’t know what else to do besides going between the 3g and Wi-fi networks. I’ll see how I go, but if this doesn’t work out I’ll have to find a very cheap Wi-fi plan that won’t include exorbitant phone costs.

I’m using the wireless keyboard. It’s working really well so far!!!!!!! Let’s see if it works in the iPad since I updated it and all that. When I get the iPad working again, I’ll test it out. Itneeds recharging but I’m lazy so at the moment I’m just using the phone. Believe me the battery is tonnes better! It takes a while to recharge the phone but when it’s ready to go, it lasts one or two days despite me using it a fair bit. I have to put it on the charger in a minute, I want a lot of battery power in it so I don’t have to worry about the phone dying during my O and M lesson. Bye for now!


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