Writing on my laptop – hopefully this blog will post properly!

I’m using my laptop to write this blog! I bought a wireless Wifi network today, so I’m super frigging happy with myself. I don’t even know where to start… Oh my God it’s been ages since I’ve been able to write on this laptop knowing I can post this straight over the Internet. Oh my God! Gooooood!!!!!!!! I bloody can’t believe this! I really honestly didn’t think the day would come that I’d be typing away at this keyboard. Here I was thinking that I’d be typing on a Mac keyboard, however I guess my laptop hasn’t totally expired yet. I’m gonna get prepared to dump it though, when I get a Mac eventually I wanna have all my shit backed up so I won’t have to be concerned about throwing this old trash away. I figure while it’s still alive and reasonably well, I’d sort it out before it dies for good. It has been updating software now for a good three hours. I’ll be recharging both the iPhone 6 and my old iPhone, I’m going to do an iCloud backup so I can sync all my info to all my devices including all my contacts. I don’t want to lose any info! After that I’ll be resetting my old phone so if anyone wants a phone, they can have it while my iPhone 6 will have everything on it and I won’t have to retrieve anything I hope. Now that I’ve got my crap sorted, do you think I can remember my passwords? I think I’m gonna have to make some passwords match other passwords I already know I think, that way I can’t keep forgetting them. It’s not as if you can stop somebody from hacking your email account anyway if they really want to do it. It’s good to try to deter people, but seriously if you can’t get into your own accounts, what’s the point in having them in the first place? So I’ll be sorting that shit out most likely tomorrow. I’m also trying soooooooo hard to figure out this Optus pre-paid set-up on their site, I need to get it worked out now or I won’t be able to recharge my credit in my wireless router. And by God I need the Net at least most days of the week.

Well, now that I’m using the computer once again with the Internet going after almost ten months, I feel like I can get back to normal with playing audio games all the time and stuff like that. But first I need to sort out my new phone, I need to make sure the laptop is as up-to-date as it can be, and then I’ll be set to go. And I’ll be clocking up a lot of mileage on the bloody Wifi router, I wanna spend hours and hours catching up on everything that I’ve missed all of last year! At least now that I’ve got a new phone if I can’t use the 3g network on the iPad sometimes or the Wifi device at other times, I still have the phone to fall back on. That way I can save a bit of money as well. I seriously can’t believe it! Oh well, I guess it’s time to finally spell-check and edit this post, I’ll make a longer entry tomorrow!


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