continuing to do well even though I’m hot

I’ve turned the speech off in my iPad. Hoping this will make my Bluetooth keyboard work better. I’m doing a blog in my notes app so I can edit it easily and paste into WordPress. I have the air-conditioner on, it’s really hot today. I have to get lunch soon. I hung the washing, so glad it’s out of the road! After lunch I’ll vacuum the floor till it’s absolutely spotless. My cousin is coming over this arvo and I don’t want her seeing how trashy the place is lol! Besides that I’m doing extremely well here. Unless I have any complaints, no one is gonna try to make me change anything here. I love my life how it is. It’s still peaceful and quiet, I don’t have any bother here. Besides being fucking hot and bothered here, I’m all right. I have to say I can’t wait for winter to get here again, hopefully I won’t end up really really sick and life will be a lot happier, the heat won’t get to me, why I’m all hot and uncomfortable and sweaty, I have no idea. Either I’m feverish, or the heat is bad enough that the air-con is cooling the place down but not stopping me from sweating. I have no idea… I hope I’m not getting sick with something. I’ll have a few drinks in a few hours, I need to relax and settle down and get comfortable so I’m not fidgety and all that. I just hope it’s the weather that’s getting to me at the moment. I could stay outside so I can keep myself distracted from being hot and bothered, but it’s hot outside so I’d want to come straight back inside anyway. I seriously need to keep myself preoccupied. I must be getting prickly heat or some similar piece of crap problem. That’s horrible. But I don’t want to do anything drastic to fix my stupid frigging little problems except to drink a fair bit of wine, I’m only allowed to take drugs if I’m in pain, not just for discomfort. I like to be sure that I need tablets or I won’t take them. I just get all squeamish and fidgety and everything else till I’m comfortable, but if I’m not in pain I don’t take drugs, even if I want to. Wine is good though, it settles me for a while. I really love it. As soon as my cousin leaves, I’m putting a plate of food and wine in front of me. But once the cask is gone, I won’t buy any more wine for a good few months. I think I’ll get some camomile tea though, I can drink that each night for a while till I fall asleep properly again and see what happens from there. I hate that I can’t fall asleep easily at night and can’t wake up in the morning. It’s becoming a serious problem. The camomile tea cured it a couple of years ago, I’m sure it’ll work again! I really need to do something to knock my anxiety issues on the head too. Lately I’ve been worrying about everything, and I find that getting drunk fixes that. But I try nnot to get too drunk all the time, just a little bit drunk here and there and very drunk really occasionally. Don’t tell me I’m getting an alcohol problem, that’s like saying it’s a problem for mee to relieve my anxiety and stress. Well, no it’s not a problem for me. It’s a problem for you. But you’re not me, so stop telling me what my problems are! How about you fix your life and I’ll ffix my life how I want to. Alcohol is only a problem if you’re having trouble controlling your drinking, getting sick all the time etc. Drinking some alcohol every day isn’t a problem just because you tell me it is. I don’t need people telling me what I will and won’t do, unless they’re sseeing that I’m getting harmed. I will drink as often as I see fit, I just won’t get very drunk all the time.

I feel a bit better after writing all that in my blog. It’s nice to let everything off my chest. This keybboard is playing up a bit, even with the speech disabled. Maybe the Bluetooth will improve with the new iPhone. If it doesn’t I’ll need to look at another option for text input because I’m ssick of having to edit typos that I didn’t make because of the signal registering more than one ccharacter even though I only tap the keys once when I’m typing. The air-con has finally done its job of stopping the heat and sweat. It takes like three hours to get the house just right with the temperature. I’ll be posting this entry in a minute, then will get a drink of water and lunch, vacuum the floor, catch up with my cousin, then I’m having a good drink. I don’t care what anyone thinks, what I do in my place is none of anyone’s business unless someone or me is getting hurt. Anyway I have to finish writing, I’ll edit and post now so I can write another blog tonight or something.


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