The Valley of Decision

After mucking around with the phone and iPad today, I’ve made the decision to keep all my apps on my iPad and delete any apps that I don’t need, off the phone. I’m getting a new iPhone when I have the money to get one with the biggest processor, then I guess I won’t be so concerned about keeping all my apps on the new phone. Chrome is way better than Safari, although occasionally the navigation fucks around a bit. So because sometimes the apps work better and Chrome works better at other times, I think at this stage I’ll keep all my apps on the iPad, and when I’ve got the new phone, I’ll just back up my iPad to iTunes and restore the iTunes stuff to the new phone. If there’s anything that’s lost, I can reinstall it at any time, at least most of my apps and info will be saved.

When I’m editting blogs, I find the app easier to work with. Chrome lets me type in the text boxes, but I have a hard time editting stuff. So I think I’ll keep every app I have in case editting text or writing or navigating in Chrome gets hard, then the apps will be there if I need them. My crappy iPhone is slowing down with all the new updates and all that, so I’m just buying time till I get the new phone, then I’ll be back on track again.

Troy is fine! I haven’t walked much lately because of the rainy weather, but he’s still thriving. I’ll walk him this arvy if the opportunity arises. I just don’t want us to get rained on, it’s hard to walk on tiles when you’re wet. It doesn’t matter what rugs I may or may not put at the doors, tiles and dampness don’t mix well at any cost. So I try to avoid getting wet whenever possible. My dog is back to his normal weight, I’m getting a weight reading tomorrow. The vets will be happy when they see that Troy hasn’t got any complaints. They’ll be even happier to hear that I haven’t got a single problem to complain about either. I like that Troy loves living here as much as I do! I couldn’t ask for better.


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