Using my wireless keyboard

I’m using my wireless keyboard to write this entry in my notes app. I’m using the iPad, have had to turn voice-over off otherwise Bluetooth doesn’t work. I’ll test it with the phone soon. There’s no way I’ll get rid of this keyboard if I can find a work-around!!!!!!! Anyway, I won’t be able to edit the blog without the speech since I’m completely blind. No pun intended haha! So every time I make a mistake, I have to turn the speech on and then turn it back off to type. That is friggen stupid but what else can I do? At least I can use Bluetooth in a limited way. I’ve just replaced the batteries so the keyboard is working well again. I’m glad I paid $50 for the bloody thing, I don’t necessarily have to worry about getting a laptop straight away now as I can type really fast on this keyboard. I just have to disable voice-over whenever I do that. You just tripple-tap the Home button to turn it on and off. So don’t worry guys, all is under control!

I’ve been using the slow cooker a lot lately. I’ve joined a few Facebook groups, and one of them is specifically about slow cookers and recipes. Well, I hardly use the oven any more. I still may use the oven sometimes, like if I’m in a rush to get something ready within two hours or less, but if I have all the time in the world and I know I won’t be supervising the cooking, then I just use the crockpot. Today I carefully wrapped lasagne in foil and put it in the pot with the setting on high, I was able to do housework and everything! The meal should be ready soon. I tried making a pasta bake yesterday, but believe me, one hour on high in a slow cooker doesn’t give enough time for the meat and vegies to go tender. Next time I’m putting the meat and vegies in for at least an hour before adding the pasta and pasta bake sauce. I’ll be throwing in meat, vegies, tinned tomatoes, and tomato paste so that there’ll be plenty of moisture for when I put the pasta and sauce in later. That will stay in the pot for an hour while I stir it occasionally. Then I’ll top with cheese and leave on high for probably fifteen minutes or thereabouts. Hopefully this will do the trick to soften the meat and vegies a lot better. We’ll see how it goes! The lasagne is already smelling yummy. I can’t decide whether to throw the pasta bake away or if I may be able to microwave it for a while till it cooks the food a bit more. I don’t know… I guess if I try doing that and taste-test the food, if it’s still nott right I’ll just chuck itt. Slow cookers need a lot of time to cook things, I guess that’s whythey’re called slow cookers lol. Oh well I’ll work it out and get a delicious pasta bake happening soon.

I’m amazed at how much I’ve put into this entry already using my keyboard. I’m bloody amazed! I don’t feel like I’m slogging away anymore. I feel quite good actually. All I have to do now is play around with the phone and the Kkeyboard, and if itt works I’ll be happy. No more taking ten years to write a simple message or a long blog. I will still use the touchpad to write, but only if I really have to. Ok I’m gonna edit this blog now,, I’ve made sure the on-screen keyboard is vissible so I can still use it to fix mistakes if I need to.

I’ve just discovered Quick Nav, basically it enables me to type while I’m using voice-over. Thank God for that! I don’t have to keep turning it off, so after all that I haven’t touched my phone yet. So I’ll turn the slow cooker off first, then I’ll get the phone, open the notes app, and ppaste this into WordPress. There may be a few typos, but I’ve edited this blog as much as I can.


2 Responses to “Using my wireless keyboard”

  1. Miss Lou Says:

    We’re having a meal of Beef Casserole that I’m cooking in the Slow Cooker this evening, Michelle! #YUM! I haven’t cooked anything in the slow cooker for over a year so we’re excited to see how it tastes!

    Happy New Year

    Miss Lou

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    • Michelle Says:

      Hi Lou,

      Glad to hear from you! Wow the beef caserole sounds yum! I’ve been using my slow cooker a lot lately because for one, my oven is dirty and I need someone to help me clean it, and also I’ve found that the slow doesn’t take as much effort and supervision to cook meals.

      I hope to hear from you again soon, it’s nice to know that you’re still following my blog. I think blogging is a good outlet and a good way of seeing what other people are up to. Goodnight!


      Liked by 2 people

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