A big entry coming up!

I’m drinking wine right now. I absolutely love it! It’s called Tangled Vine Soft and Fruity. It has the best flavour. Not too harsh or overbearing. Now that I’ve got the keyboard working, here’s for a big post! I remember back in 2009 when I first started this blog. And now it’s the start of 2015, and although I didn’t write a lot last year, I haven’t totally given up on this site altogether. I guess my main problem was having to type on the screen as fast as I could, and one paragraph would take ages to complete. So eventually I didn’t write so often because my finger would get sore from tapping all the time, I’d take too long to complete a simple blog, and my writing went downhill because the length of time it took to make a post was annoying and a distraction at the same time. So tonight I’m sitting at the dining table in my new place, and am having a good time writing fluently, I’m not losing my train of thought, not yet anyways lol! And I’m jotting a lot more down.

Lately I’ve been wondering how everyone is going in Darwin. I’ve thought of the pastor a few times. And a few others I know. And the Jewish community, how are they? Obviously there’s a few of them in Australia, but for the subject of people in Darwin, I hope the Jewish people who either live there or who have visited there, are all right. And obviously my thoughts and prayers goes to all the other Jews in this country, and extending across the world. And I hope the Christian communities are doing good as well. Apart from wondering about how people are going, life has been pretty good here. I actually wish my new place I’m in now, would have been available to me forever ago. I would have been better offf as far as I’m concerned. Right now it’s pretty cool, I’ve had the air-con turned off since yesterday and only had fans going since then. I’m happy about that. Vacuuming my house this afternoon made me all sweaty, but not for long. I feel secure and cosy here.

Troy is doing fine. No vomiting. No gagging. No other major issues. Occasional scratching but not all day or all night. I have to say, Troy is healthier now than he was two weeks ago. Well, since I’ve left my old place he has been a bit healthier, but since I’ve moved away from Nan’s place, Troy has thrived and his health has blossomed majorly! He’s a good boy. He doesn’t like the hose, but a shower nozzle that my grandfather bought me is working out well for him. I don’t pay fifteen bucks a month anymore. Honestly, I think it’s a rip-off paying someone to use your electricity and water when you can use it for free, in that context. I don’t find it as frustrating to bathe Troy because of the new shower nozzle and there’s mainly concrete outside, with a small grass patch for relieving a dog, so bathing Troy is a lot easier. I have plenty of space and easy access to the hose. I have a little garden too, a couple of pineapple plants as well – I really love the garden and those plants! I have to wake up early tomorrow so I’ll be watering the garden as soon as I’ve eaten breaky, and then I’ll be talking to a pest controller when he shows up at eight o’clock. I really hope I won’t have to leave the house! Mum told me that I should be prepared to go out. She clearly knows I have money and other provisions at the ready in case of these dilemas. She’s going all right, and I like that she knows that I’m ok and handling life just fine.

I have a podiatrist appointment this week and an eye appointment next week. I’ll update everyone on how they go. I feel pretty positive that both appointments will be good, but I feel more nervous about my eyes. I always get like that before eye exams. If one thing goes wrong, it means a trip to the theatre for me, so pray that nothing happens! As for the appointment in two days’ time, I’m sure it’ll work out. I may need antifungal medicine for my foot, but I’ll wait and see. My left eye needed teardrops in it a couple of weeks ago, but it feels fine now. My toe on my left foot, the one next to the big one, has been annoying, so I hope nothing major needs doing. I don’t have other appointments so far so hopefully life will stay good! On the 4th of June this year, I’ll be remembering last year when I got my prosthetic eye. Or is it the year before that I got it done? God I’m losing count already! But my eye is doing fine, so I’m elated that the operation was a success even though my body played up on me for a couple of weeks after the surgery, and my right eye socket acted up for a week after the prosthesis was inserted. Now I feel as though I’ve never had surgery done in my life. I remember the doctors used to tell me I’d get used to all the changes and life would get back to normal as before, but I never wanted to believe them, I became pesimistic. But what they said came true. The only thing different about me is that I have to be careful that my right eye doesn’t get hit. It’s hard enough for a natural eye to heal when it’s poked in any way, but if the right eye gets poked hard or hit, I have to get treated at the hospital straight away. I can swim, shower, whatever. I just have to be careful when running around, other than that you’d never know I’ve got a prosthetic eye. You could say it’s fake, but it doesn’t feel or look it, other people aren’tt aware of any changes about me until I tell them. I think doctors have come a long way with their innovative ways of helping people. I hate them for a while, but then I love them when I find out what it takes to actually keep me alive and healthy.

Every day that passes, I’m getting more impatient to get an iPhone 6. I just hope the Sym card in this one will transfer to the new one. If it doesn’t, I’m getting the Apple store to help me back up my phone and iPad to iCloud over their Wifi network so when I’ve got the new phone, I’ll still have everything when I set the new phone up. Actually I might just get them to help me as soon as I buy it, that way I don’t get into difficulties when I get home. Should be pretty interesting! My phone is getting more sluggish, and I’d love to know if the Bluetooth problems will be solved when I get the new one. I bloody hope so! The wine is going down well. I’m nice and relaxed now. It gets me thinking, I wonder what it’ll be like taking valium before my next dentist appointment? Will it be the same as taking IV midazolam or will it just be like getting drunk or something? I’ve been wondering about it a lot lately. Apparently it’s supposed to help with anxiety and panic attacks and all that. I hope it works for me.

I find it a bit strange that me and Mum are on better terms since I moved out. When I was living with her, I hardly got on with her. We always got into arguments. This and that, I friggen hated it, and her a lot of the time. Now we can have a decent conversation. I’m much happier now that I’m not living with her if you want me to be honest. Frankly, I don’t know how anyone can live with their parents! I just don’t know how people could do it. I’m happy to live on my own, and my dog is happy and thriving. I think my blog site is alive again funnily enough! I remember saying in here a few times that I hope I won’t abandon the blog. I love writing journals, so I’m glad I didn’t delete the site. Sadly, deleting my blog crossed my mind a couple of times last year, but luckily I decided not to take my down moments out on the site. I just kept reminding myself that if people tell me to my face that my blogs aren’t appropriate or that they don’t like my blog, that’s their problem. So here I am, keeping up with my page. And I don’t regret it.


2 Responses to “A big entry coming up!”

  1. bethfinke Says:

    Thanks for “liking” my blog post about Braille. Glad you didn’t delete your blog — keep writing!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Michelle Says:

      Hi! Ill be using Safari to read the rest of your blog, this blog app kept crashing when i tried to read any of the blogs, not just yours. What i did manage to read was very interesting!😀 i’ll be keeping my blog for a long time, that’s for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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