Time to get back into blogging I think!

I haven’t written for a while! I’m at the dining table in my new place. I’m getting to know the neighbours here, it’s peaceful and quiet most of the time. I’m using the phone so I can’t type as fast as when I’m using a laptop. Anyway I thought I’d update new and old readers, and since this site is a bit neglected, I figure I should start using it a lot more. I’m currently eating lunch as I write. I sliced some tomato and onion and put that with baked beans on toast, then put cheese on top and microwaved it for two minutes. It’s absolutely delicious! That said, let’s get in to this update. I moved two weeks ago, and although circumstances weren’t good, I don’t regret moving to this unit one bit!!!! It’s just the right place for me. I’m not planning on moving again for ever. I’m having a good time chilling out and learning new travel routes with Troy and all that. He’s still doing fine. In fact, Troy is doing so much better! He can’t get into mischief and eat and regurgitate/vomit all the time! Give it whatever name you wanna call it or even outright deny it, I don’t care. Troy was really scaring me, he is much safer here. He finished a course of cortisone last week, didn’t think there could be so many pills in a small bottle! Oh well he won’t need it again, I chitchatted with the vet and the nurse just to make sure I can prevent this from happening again. Who the friggen hell would leave a house-broken guide dog outside!!!!!! I enjoy staying with people who disregard animals till something goes wrong. Not! But hey! I’m blind so it doesn’t supposedly fucking matter what I think and feel does it? Let’s just say that life is ok here and since I don’t like dramas, they’re not happening in my house. Unless the problem is unavoidable, I don’t want to know about it. Most dramas are preventable. Oh well I’m not at Nan and Pop’s house anymore. And whether anyone likes it or not, I care more about Troy than most people. The guide dog trainers have more entitlement to help me look after Troy than almost everyone else too. The person who owns the unit knows I’ve got a guide dog, so legally they are entitled to ring GDQ if the person thinks I’m not looking after Troy properly. Since all is well I don’t have any shit to worry about at the moment yea!!!!! I’ve eaten lunch so I’m gonna catch up on blogs and tend to my site for a while.


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