Hot days

Ok! It’s not even 8:30 yet and it’s really hot. The pedestal fan is on me now so I’m cooler than if I wasn’t near a fan. Right now Pauline Hansen is doing some smooth-talking with trembling speech, I’ve never liked her so I won’t vote for her. Anyway, the birds are chirping away. They’ve been at it for hours. I love early mornings now, they’re cool and quiet and peaceful. It’ll be even better when I move into my new unit, Troy won’t have to stay outside all the time, and I’ll be able to get my own life rhythm going again. I’m not allowed to sleep in here, I so can’t wait to get my sleep-ins happening again! It’s fine to take Troy out early, but then sleeping in till eight or nine o’clock in the morning occasionally isn’t gonna cause any harm. I hate living with older people, they always expect younger people to compromise with them but it’s seldom the other way around. Oh well I’ll be moving out soon. So who cares! I’ll just deal with each day as it comes. At least I have a lot of breeze at the moment, later when I go inside, that fan in the room will be going on, and I won’t have arguments from anybody. The power and water bill is important, but I’m not about to keel over and die over it for bloody God’s sake!!!!!! Again I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Anyways… Christmas time soon!😄 I so can’t wait!!!! In planning to spend it at my cousin’s place, I don’t know how I’ll work it out since I will be in the new place by then and I won’t have been there for long. A lot of people don’t support my decision to move to this unit, but they forget that I don’t live their life. Not everyone will be happy no matter what I do at the end of the day. I need to be happy. Something could go wrong. But something could go wrong with anyone, and some families have to travel by a frigging plane to get to other family members. But whatever, we all have opinions and concerns. I have concerns about my dog living outside all the time too, but he’s surviving and he’ll soon be living inside with no worries. Ok, I have to post this, pity I don’t have a MacBook, I would have written twice as much in here! I’m aiming to buy one next year by November.


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