Finally a post!

I started this blog last week and finally finished it yesterday. So today I’m at VA, and have just pasted my blog of my memory stick. Will make another post later when I get home.


I’m writing a quick blog before I get the computer trainer to help me again. It’s rare that I use the computer these days to write blogs because of the iPhone and the iPad. I’m having an ok day. I’m feeling great, I’m getting through Microsoft Excel all right, but now I’m starting to struggle. The stupid frigging manual in the Daisy Player doesn’t explain things properly, so I end up confused and frustrated. Also, the dumb manual has a computerised voice, and it doesn’t announce symbols where appropriate. It’s bloody stupid but I’m slowly getting through this manual. I’m up to working with absolute cell references, and I think they’re fucking difficult! I’ll see how I go when the trainer explains things properly, I can’t do some Ms Excel things when I can’t make sense of it. We’ll see how I go I guess.

I’m doing really well since starting the supplements last week! I’m gonna finish the whole two bottles over the next month. I’ve got tonnes of energy, I feel more like a thirteen-year-old than a thirty-year-old now! I’m happy with how I am. Hopefully I won’t need vitamin pills for a long time when I’ve finished these. They’re working really well, I’m a lot less crook. They haven’t changed my hormonal issues I get with my stomach and feeling a bit nauseated here and there, but I’ve been like that for ever, and with my hormone fluctuation nausea issues, I don’t get many other bad symptoms unless of course I’m sick. So apart from that, my general health is pretty much perfect. I’m soooooooooo glad!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve gone from possibly going to the doctors/hospital, to acting like a teenager with my bounding energy and all that! I guess I still have my usual personality, except that now I’m running around, not feeling like a buggered old bag, not feeling worn out with exercise, not breathless when I over-exert myself, etc etc. I just don’t feel like something’s not right when I exercise. I can go up and down stairs, I sleep properly, and I can wake up super tired as usual, but not run down or drained or feeling like I’m getting sick. I just wake up and take half an hour to get over being groggy, then my day starts as though nothing has happened. I obviously know I’ve had to wake up not long before, but I don’t feel like I’ve run around the block a hundred times. I get the usual hyperactive symptoms when I drink coffee, but I’m the one who drinks the bloody stuff. And I’m not likely to change. So as far as my health goes, I’m doing fine. Hoping it stays that way for a super long while! Time to interrupt this entry, I have to get back to work and I’ll write more during my next break.

Having another quick break to let things sink into my brain. The computer trainer showed me the absolute references function, so now I can make sense of it. I’m up to page 185, so hopefully I’m over halfway through the manual. When I’m finally done with it, I’ll be doing a feedback form to say how all the courses I’ve done have worked out for me. That’ll be interesting. After that I’m gonna chitchat for a while, then I’ll get a bus to the shops. I’ll buy tea for tonight and the next three or four days. But I’ll make sure I have plenty of undercooked steamed vegies to go with them. What a bloody inconvenience! I have to take out a bit of money first though, I need enough money for the damn vacuum cleaner on Friday and the vet checkup tomorrow. I’ll worry about meals after that. I think I’ll just grab some shit from the IGA store near home, that way I can just walk back or something, instead of waiting for hours to get a stinkin’ bus. I also can’t afford to let food go off with this hot weather. Since I need to stay healthy, I need my food to stay fresh as much as possible. I’m sure things will work out. If I want lasagne, I can just wait till Friday to buy it, Then I can just get it straight home and into the oven or fridge with no worries. Ok, break over! I’ll save this blog and publish it. Will make another entry later when I get home. It’s on my flash drive now, so I guess I’ll have to retype it into my phone when I get home. It’s a pain in the arse, but rewriting a blog is better than no published blog at all.


It’s Thursday. I was meant to publish this blog on Tuesday at home, but I didn’t remember it till yesterday! Oops!!!!!!! Oh well, I can quickly write a bit more and then I’ll do a bit of Microsoft Excel stuff and find some time to publish this from this desktop. For now things are going fine. Besides that I have a bad cough, but all else is fine… Will write more in this entry in a while.

I’m back for a few minutes. I’ve done a tonne of work today! I’m up to managing worksheets. I used to hate spreadsheets, but now that I’m getting into it, I’m starting to love them! At the moment Excel isn’t too hard. I’m going to exit out of this document now, I haven’t got time to type more. It’s 12:18 pm so when I get home, I’ll try to remember to put this blog into my phone.


It’s five past one in the afternoon, four days after I wrote in this entry last. I forgot to write it into my phone again, so I put the flash drive in this laptop and will see how I go making a Word Pad copy of this blog so I can see if the phone will recognise it as a text file so all I have to do is copy and paste from the phone itself, into the WordPress app. I’ll see how I go! At least with all my energy lately despite catching a cold last Thursday afternoon, I will be motivated to play around with my computer all afternoon without any problems. I’m taking vitamins and minerals supplement tablets every day so instead of getting very very crook, I’m just a bit under the weather. I’m taking cough lollies because I’m coughing like a steam train at the moment, but what else do you expect with a cold? I’m not lying in bed all day and feeling totally drained and all that, just a bit run down but not completely buggered, so I see no point in creating dramas over it. What I am creating dramas over at the moment is the neighbour behind me. He lets his dog run up and down the fence line barking all the time and sometimes for most of the night, but when I carry on at him, he keeps his dog away from the fence line for up to a week, maybe two or three weeks, so it doesn’t hardly bother anyone. And while he’s at his temporary dog training routine, he uses that time to complain to the Real Estate so I look like a bad tenant and someone who enjoys causing trouble. So today I rang the council and threatened to move out suddenly if this drama doesn’t stop and the cat and mouse games continues. I don’t like this fucking crap and I don’t enjoy causing trouble, as is assumed. So I got the neighbour to help me write a note and I took it to the address in question. I told the council that they don’t have to see the games that the neighbour plays with his dog, and how much trouble I get into for taking matters into my own hands. I also told them that everything is fine and dandy today and has been not too bad for the past two or three days because I put up a fuss as soon as the dog gets started. So it meant the neighbour had another excuse to make up some rumour about me wanting to create trouble for him and his kids. Well, he either fucken shuts the dog up all the time, not just when the council isn’t getting complaints, or I’m gonna show them how much of an arsehole I really can be, their dog will be taken away, and I’ll friggen leave without worrying about my stuff – let everyone else deal with it. But the Council told me I don’t have to do that, don’t have to pack a suitcase and take off for two or three months and then come back to Cairns to another joint. If anyone would like to think I’m causing trouble just so I can leave for a while and come back to start more dramas, think again! I actually like living here in peace, and it’s too much hard work anyway to make claims about bullshit and then later on claim that everything is ok. I have better things to do with my time than create shit for people. If life is happy, I’m happy and can go about my business as usual, say hello to people sometimes, not have anything to bitch about etc. The neighbour behind me is the only person who I’m angry at and am creating strife with because he lets his dog run up and down the fence line while it barks and occasionally howls. I also let the council know that I have no reason to cause trouble with other people in the neighbourhood, just to confirm again that I’m not just “causing trouble for his kids”. If he doesn’t want his dog to be taken away by the Council or killed because I’m sick of the fucking bullshit that’s allowed by the dog not being looked after while the guy and his woman are at work, and also at night when the dog is allowed to carry on over every little noise and vain attempts at amusing itself, then he’d better frigging pay attention to it. I’m here to live peacefully, but if someone wants to fucking allow problems to happen and I’m bothered by them, I’ll do something to stop them. I’m very fucking angry with the neighbour now, I’m not forgiving him anymore.

I’ve just plugged my Microsoft keyboard into the laptop. The built-in keyboard is hard to type with, the keys are too sensitive. I’m getting a Mac laptop next year, so most issues should be solved and by then I’ll have a Wifi network going I think. Cool I can have all my devices connected at the same time! Then I can focus on getting some education started, either here or in Brisbane. Not that I need educating, but obviously if you want a job, you’ve gotta find the work that would suit you, then do a course to show the employer that it’s possible to work for him or her. I’m hoping I’ll still be sane by then. If the RSPCA wants to come around to claim that I’m a trouble-maker, I’ll be talking to a magistrate I think, taking all my guide dog documentation, birth certificate, any evidence I can get from the council, everything I can get my hands on, and will sort this fucking rubbish out the hard way. I don’t actually have a reputation to keep, I just want to protect my own interests in the name of living peacefully so I can just move on with my life. I’d like to avoid a court battle, but if the neighbour wants to enjoy causing trouble by letting his dog run up and down the fence line while it makes a lot of bothersome and unnecessary noise so he can lie about me, then I’m going to fight back. If he wants his dog to live a good life, how about he look after it more and give other neighbours including me, enough respect to let us live a good life as well. I got into trouble for threatening to kill the dog, but don’t forget I also get into trouble for shouting at the neighbour because he’s too fucking pathetic to care about, or realise, that his dog is a nuisance, and doesn’t have the brains to figure out that I’m not causing trouble with the other neighbours because they’re not causing trouble or lying about me. Believe me, if the Real Estate says I have to leave because she holds a one-sided view of the situation, I’m gonna go around to that neighbour’s place and I’m gonna give the dog a reason to bark, then leave without worrying about anything except for my clothes and my dog. He’d better not make me so enraged, and the battle had better not go to court. Just a warning. Besides that I’m doing fine. I’m going to vision Australia twice a week, and me and Troy love to go out every other day. I love taking Troy out with me, it’s a good opportunity to relax and not let myself be bogged down by shit. People in general except for a few friends, are just pests to avoid these days. I do have some family members and friends who I love though. My dog will always continue to be my best friend no matter what. He never causes trouble for me, not the kind of unforgiveable trouble that a certain person causes whenever he can. But anyway, me and Troy have fun when we go to the shops, he sits there and looks around at everyone, the food they’re eating, and after a while he goes to sleep for half an hour and starts his little routine again. He’s sooooooooo cute! Today has been not too bad, besides telling the Real Estate agent in polite terms how I feel about the neighbour, and getting my next-door neighbour to help me write a note which I took to the neighbour’s place. I rang the council, and now I’m sitting under the fan in my room. Any more trouble from the fucking arsehole behind my place, and I’ll be making sure almost everyone I know, regret wishing for me to move out. I won’t help them sell or move my stuff, and I won’t let them know where I’m moving to exactly when I piss off to Brisbane, if that happens. It shouldn’t get that far. I don’t tolerate dramas or crap from anyone, so keep getting me the wrong way and people are gonna wish they’d never known me and won’t wanna anger me again. I can only put up with so much.

I went to the shops for a piece of fish and a cup of coffee yesterday. A lady was meant to meet me at the bottom of my driveway so we could walk to the shops together. But because she didn’t turn up, I’ve already crossed her off my list of people to make friends with. I don’t make friends with people who act genuine but later show their true colours without rhyme or reason. People who’re superficial will think that they can get away with their pretences, but they forget that their act is soon found out, whether days or weeks down the track. I don’t like superficial or fake people, and believe me it’s not the first time I’ve said this. If you’ve seen one fake person, you’ve seen them all. I still went to the shops. And I took my iPad with me so I could use the Wifi network. I didn’t want to go for a walk, but I certainly didn’t wanna be like Miss Fake Lady either. Nobody can get away with their fucking drama and put-on-a-mask act with me anymore. I’m sure my next-door neighbour knows this, because we’re trading meals sometimes. I’d rather trade meals with people than cause trouble any day. Just don’t be a nuisance and I won’t fight back.

I’m having fun using this keyboard to write my blog. It’s much much faster than using the phone! The keyboard is way easier to type on as well. I’ll be so glad when I’ve finally got a new computer. I’m glad I bought the cough lollies yesterday before going back home or I’d have been coughing up blood today. I’m still hacking a fair bit but not as badly. I think I’ll be getting another packet of cough lollies this week to help me for a while longer. It’s not as though the doctor will give me anything different to treat my cough other than some super strong medication, which I don’t want. I do think the lollies are working properly, I only get really bad coughing fits now when time is almost up for when I need to take two more lollies anyway. So I’m not doing too bad, not as bad as I could have been anyway. I think life is fine when I don’t have horrible people annoying the shit out of me, then doing everything they can to make me look like a fucker. Do people forget that I can be a real arsehole if I’m annoyed enough? But that’s ok, I’m getting things under control again. I have no problems moving out at a moment’s notice though. I want to live in this place because I like it here. But ask me to move out, and I’ll do so with regrettable style. Otherwise, I can live here peacefully so long as I’m not being bothered all the time, and I won’t have any reason to trouble anyone.

I’ve written a humongous entry! I’ve had to keep saving it every so often though because this trashy laptop keeps making Ms Word crash on me. And instead of saving everything to the Auto-recovery thing, it partly saves it. Which is fucking stupid if you ask me! I thought Auto-recover was meant to save everything to where you’ve left off. Oh well it goes to show how stupid computers are. So every now and then I press Control S so if Microft Word crashes, I won’t lose anything. For some reason after I created a new document, it has been ok, so I don’t know what the story is there. I’m gonna check to see if this is saved to my memory stick in case I have to wait till I get to Vision Australia to post this blog. I hope that coping this document into Word Pad will make it compatible with the phone so it can be transferred through iTunes. Actually, that’s what I wanted to say speaking of iTunes. I’ve listened to complaints about iTunes, but the people who carry on about it forget that if I want to transfer this file off the computer without an Internet connection onto another Windows platform, then either a flash drive or Android device is needed. So I’d rather change the format of this document and use my iTunes cable. All problems eliminated. Technology might be sucky, but it shows how little someone knows about it when they complain about iTunes while missing the fact that all platforms need a compatible program to sync with other devices, no matter what stuff you want to transfer and to which operating system on whichever device. People are very silly and illogical when they want to be. Thank God I saved this entry a few minutes ago, Microsoft Word crashed again. I think I’ll copy this to Word Pad and save this as a text file to My Documents and will muck around with iTunes and see if this file can be transferred to the phone. If it works out, next time I’ll just make a blog in Word Pad and go from there.


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