I’m waiting for a cab. I’ve just spent an hour at the chemist looking for perfume and body spray! I bought a bottle of each. Then I bought two frozen meals because I rarely get them. Sorry about the interruption, the taxi turned up. I’ve just got home. I’m not cooking tonight. I don’t have much money till next week so will survive on what’s in the fridge and cupboard till then. From next week on, I’m doing the most cheapest meals possible. I don’t want to live like a person in a ghetto, but if I want the computer and the fridge, then I have to survive on poor man’s food. I can spend fifteen dollars on a meal I cook at home just like I could when getting take-out or a TV dinner. Tele is crap anyway so I don’t even listen to it. Ok I have to finish this to eat dinner will write in here again soon.

I’ve just eaten dinner and taken my pills. I’ll have a shower soon and then I’m getting a cold, yummy, icy, cup of milk! I just considered milo, but because I’m on suplements, I’m too scared of overdosing anything by accident. So I’ll stick to the milk for now, and maybe add a tablespoon of milo to it next time. I also don’t know if I’ll be taking vitamins for the rest of the year or just till all the pills are gone. Then I’ll take them every single year for three months so I don’t get sick all winter and then end up with a shit immune system. I bet I’ll be picking up more poxy germs because of my crappy immunity if I don’t take vitamins for ages now. Hopefully my immunity will be restored properly again.

I’m going to have a shower and get my drink after sculling my water. I’ll make another blog later.


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