Health update and everything else

Ok… Where I start? Yesterday I was able to eat a lot better. A tuna sandwich as well as most of a frozen dinner almost three hours apart, as well as toaste in the morning, isn’t bad! Not to mention that I’m getting back into drinking coffee again. Today I went to Vision Australia and had a good deal of coffee and no food till this arvo when I got home. Before I got home I went to the chemist and got two kinds of vitamin pills which I’ll be taking for a while. My body isn’t utilising nutrients in what I eat and drink, so unless anyone can prove me wrong on that, they’re in no position to comment or argue with me. Diets and dieticians may be good for healthy food plans/routines, but they ain’t gonna fix my immune system or strengthen my body enough to ward off germs before they make me sick. Also, whether people like it or not, unless you grow fruit and vege yourself, you wouldn’t have a friggen clue what has happened to the stuff before you’ve eaten it. It’s also not very nutritious as we’d like to believe. Obviously it’s better than take-out, but at the same time I think nutritional value is overstated. For whatever reason, so-called healthy food isn’t giving me improved health, otherwise why the hell have I started two suplements today? My dog has expensive dog food and doesn’t need suplements. So apparently his food is healthier! If food was so bloody good for the body, then why am I fucking sick all the time like a malnourished person? I do have healthy periods, but only for three or four weeks. I’ve been sick on and off since June so while I’m almost over this current bug, I wanna fill up on nutrients before another germ does the rounds. I’m also concerned about seeing a doctor at this stage because I don’t want antibiotic treatment which won’t stop me from getting viral infections anyway. Plus if I ever get to the point of needing a doctor, I’d want them to know that I’ve been there and done that, and that way the doctor can narrow down a much better treatment plan that has a very high chance of working for me. Hopefully I won’t get that bad with my health, hopefully I can get on top of it now. I hate taking pills, but if it means spending another day at home instead of running to the doctors, then I’ll do what it takes. I’m not silly enough to wait for some nurse to tell me to take vitamins when it’s not hard to figure that out. Hopefully the pills will be enough to prevent any doctor from having to add pills to the list.

Besides my long-term virus-induced malnourishment, I’m surviving all right. I may go for a walk tomorrow if I’m up to it. I wanna buy more food to cook anyway, so it’ll be a good reason for me to walk in the afternoon. I’ll need to be home by 4 or 5 pm so I can get a meal ready and take the suplements, but who cares. It isn’t any different to going home to cook a meal at any other time. Oh damn I also need to get yoghurt as well! My stomach needs goodness in it sooooooooo bad! I know I’ll be right, I just need to replace a tonne of minerals and a few vitamins and stomach whatever shit that needs to flourish, and if all goes well I should be back to normal in a few weeks! Touch wood I shouldn’t get sick for a while! I’m feeling super chilled right now. The world is care-free and I want this moment to last for ever. I like being comfortable. Speaking of comfort, my bundle of fur is doing fine. I took a deer antler to VA and Troy had a ball with it! He jammed it under the bottom rung of the desk, but even when I took it out, Troy was bored of it at that point. When I got home I found a parcel with a really short leash which is perfect for tethering! I tethered Troy while I cooked dinner, and then let him off. I’ll be taking the tether to VA on Thursday. Troy will be getting his antler too since he relaxes so much when he chews it. And I don’t have to worry about him anymore.


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