I’m back to write another blog since the one I did earlier was a super short entry. Right now I’m laying back in my room. Today I had half a block of chocolate, four pieces of raisen toast, two large cups of water and two cans of coke. I’m a very super picky eaternow. I can only eat chocolate, bread, chicken and rice. I can’t have meat or fruit or vegies since I spewed up on Tuesday night. I can’t even drink milk, but I buy it anyway just to save face. I have a very bad cough as well although it’s not bothering me at this moment. My stomach hurts on and off, but not excruciating thank God. I’m not eating tonight. I could have rice but I don’t want to cook any. I’m a bit fat so while I’m waiting for my appetite to come back, I shouldn’t get too skinny. I can say that at least I won’t be worrying about spending money on take-out for a while. This should work in my favour so I can get a new fridge sooner than later. After the fridge is sorted, a new pair of good shoes and a Mac laptop are in order. Then an iPhone 6. But if I have the correct amount of money for a new phone in a few months when I’d expect to buy the laptop, I’ll buy the phone then save up for the computer. While I’m thinking of it, there’s a few Braille books I want from the Braille Super Store. Il slowly get them as I can afford them. As I write I’m having a coughing fit but I’m lying down to ease it off. I haven’t needed Panamax at all today so that’s a good thing. Let’s hope this continues, I don’t want to be writing blogs from the hospital for God’s sake. I’ll also get no coke there so that’ll be a big blow for me. I’m just soooooooo glad I have cans of coke in the fridge and cupboard so I can secretly drink it right away should I go to hospital! I hate hot coke but if that’s what I have to drink when I may have to smuggle it, then so be it! I also need coke on the ready at all times here. Same with the chocolate, except that I won’t smuggle that into hospital because I don’t want melted chocolate to stick to my fingers! Hopefully I won’t be put in hospital, but I just have to be prepared. Other than that me and Troy are all right, I’m enjoying my books and Troy has been relaxing. I’m fairly tired now but then I’ve been that way on and off all day. I know I’ll wake up in a similar state tomorrow… But each day I wake up at home instead of in hospital or on my wway there, is a blessing! I’ve been ravaged so much with bugs this year. I expected spring to be a healthy time for me, but now I realise that I probably won’t have normal health again for a long time.

I have a vet appointment in a couple of weeks. It’s a lucky thing I haven’t needed to spend much money lately! Troy’s food will last a while so he should be right I think. I feel bad that I haven’t been able to go out at all since Tuesday. What I expected to be a twenty-four hour bug, has turned into a dragged-out stomach flu which has made my whole body feel like shit! And I went from eating almost anything to eating only a few select foods within a night. All I can say is, my immunity is zero and I may as well have no immune system. It’s shit. I’m like an old woman now. If it wasn’t for Troy, I’d be in bed every day, getting up only when I really have to. Let’s hope I get more books during the week because besides taking Troy out every couple of hours, I’ll be lazing around big time. I know resting has zero effect on my health, but it does make me rather comfy. Believe me, any doctor I do face eventually, will be told that any help they do give me will be a short-lived comfort because of my lack of immune system, so anything to substitute my immunity would be nice. Until then my life is the usual one. It’s stagnant these days. I live the life of a monkey almost, it’s basically human but more like a monkey. I’ve been fighting with the backyard neighbour because of his stupid nuisance dog, so I’d better not have to carry out my altimatum that I announced two days ago. As far as living on this earth is concerned, I have nothing to lose if I were to get into trouble for silencing the noisy dog. I can lose Troy. As much as I’d detest that, the rest of my life has nothing worth worrying about. I don’t have a reputation or work or any standing in society. So apart from the usual pitfalls of facing trouble, being locked away would be more restrictive but not much different to staying in my house. I could ask for home detention if it came to that, I wouldn’t care if I wasn’t allowed to go out. Lucky for me, peace has been restored thus far since Friday when me and the guy had a dragged-out exchange which involved yelling at one another without face-to-face interaction lest one of us used deadly force or a weapon. My two announcements which were an hour apart, caused temporary suspense in the other neighbours around me, but nobody got hurt and all was well after that. Hopefully me and the guy won’t fight over his dog causing trouble again or there’ll be a lot of strife. For now things are peaceful.


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  1. pianolady78 Says:

    I hope your health immproves soon. I am concerned you might need to see the doc. You can always send me a message on fb if you want to chat.

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