Parcel update and musing

I’m writing a quick blog while I’m revising Module 6 in the Microsoft Word Manual. I hardly use the laptop at home anymore because I have the iPad and iPhone now. So using a computer is a rare thing for me now. I’ll eventually get a new laptop, but then I’ll have to look for an Internet bundle that is very affordable. That is if there is cheap phone and Wifi deals by then. I’ll look into doing tafe courses here or in Brisbane too. If there’s courses in Cairns I’ll stay here for a while. But if the tafe can’t support me here, I’ll be going to Brisbane sooner than later, I really want employment! I also want good VI support. I think the support is better in Brisbane. Some places are shonkey, but most organisations are good there. I really want to go back to Braille House too. I love volunteering there.

I’m gonna try to wake up early tomorrow. I seriously have to upgrade my iPad. I think I’ll back up my apps to iTunes first, then when I’ve upgraded the iPad I’ll bring it back home and back up the apps on the phone. I need to fix the Netbank app on the iPad. I’ll re-install it once I’ve updated the iPad. I also need to see how Safari goes with Netbank so I know what to report to the person who’ll ring me next Monday. The other thing I have to talk about is the bloody parcel issues I’m having. I ordered a parcel last Tuesday and yesterday when I rang the company I ordered from, she found out that the guy had delivered the damn box at the front door instead of out the back! This morning I happened to find a torn box while I was taking a bag of dog crap to the bin. In that box was a package with a dog brush, and nothing else. So something has stolen my other stuff. So a number of animals may be dying of worm treatment poisoning. How sad! So I’m never leaving parcels unattended ever again. I’m now waiting for a new parcel to arrive next week, except that I’ll have to write a note and send the brush back saying what has happened with this torn box. I don’t want two brushes! But I do want my packet of Drontel and liver treats, which definitely is missing.

I’ll write a bit more and then will post straight away so I don’t bloody lose it! Haha I’m getting used to losing stuff lately! I’m hoping to go to Brisbane in October. Oh yeah, since I’m getting on the train and I’ll have the iPad with me, I’m putting new batteries in the Bluetooth keyboard so I can use it for typing my blogs. I hope the new upgrade won’t stuff up the Bluetooth software! I’ll be really pissed off if that happens. I’m planning on leaving at the end of October so I can stay there for seven days. I really want to be refreshed! I’m not revitalised at all right now, I’m seriously frigging running out of energy because all I do is clean and do chores when I’m home. And when I’m lazy I’m catching up on the rest I don’t get because I’m either doing nothing or I’m doing housework. I should be going out more, but no fucking way can I do that without buying a drink and a snack, that’s right! I can’t buy those all the time, not even three times a week because from next week and onwards I’ll be saving up big time. So it means putting going out and partying on hold. I so can’t wait to go to Brisbane and let someone else look after me. I’ll be paying my way of course, but I won’t be doing housework or cleaning up after myself or nothing for a week!!!!!!!!!! I seriously can’t wait for this holiday, I’ve been wanting to have a bit of fun without having to run around after myself for soooooooooooooooo long now. I’d love to have Stacey come back to stay, but then I feel like I’m looking after two people instead of just me. I don’t mean that in a mean way or anything, I just want to give up on housework and all that for a while even when she is here. Stace is a great help and all that, but I’m sick of having to clean my house, sick of running around even after just myself. I’m really sick of everything! I need some me time, I need to look after myself and absolutely leave everything else alone. Just me for a week. Me and my friends, but no worries about anything. I want to feed myself, but I’m not doing chores. I need to get some energy. If I’m not looking after myself, I’m looking after other people. Why can’t people just look after themselves when they visit me? Again, of course when I’m cooking I have to help people. It’s rude to intentionally withhold food from people. But come on, where’s the initiative here, why can’t people stop waiting for me to step in, and start doing things for themselves? I can say this and that, but I’m sure if anyone decides to jump in and get their own food and all that, I’d feel like ok, well that’s fine! I’d be rather relieved actually. It’s not accommodating for people that’s the problem, it’s more that I’m always running around after them while they aren’t taking the initiative to look after themselves too. If I was at friends’ places, I’d just take over my own life and if the friend says not to worry about this and that and does everything in their power to get me to chill and not worry, then sure, I’ll just sit back. But if that friend just said yeah ok, fine you can do that, do what you want! Then yep, I’ll just keep on with my task or routine or whatever. I don’t just sit there and expect people to look after me like a baby. I’m gonna spend all of Saturday and Sunday cleaning, and after that I’m going on strike for a while. I’ll keep the kitchen clean so I can cook without getting sick of course, but with Troy’s new brush, I can keep most of the hair out of the house. I’d rather have the hair strewn all over the lawn than all over the house and clogging the vacuum cleaner. I have to sort out this flaming issue with the pet products company, which isn’t even their fault anyway. It was a crappy mistake that the post guys made. That’s what happens when you don’t read the friggen paperwork you idiots! Oh well, postal issues won’t happen again. I just got a call from the company so I could clarify things with them. I’m not happy that the food and medication was stolen. I’ve made sure to let them know that I won’t be putting ATL signatures on forms ever again. And I also let them know how upset I am about the fact that an animal or two may be poisoned now. I can’t fucken believe it! Funny how I order stuff that is delivered in the wrong place at my house to start with, and as a result a pet somewhere is now sick or bloody dead all because of an accident. I’m picking parcels up from now on. You can get in trouble for poisoning animals especially if you overdose them with medicines because you know what the result is most likely to fucking be. I’m not happy. I’ve never had trouble with dog food deliveries, but I guess with a small box and lots of goodies in it, you never know what animals or people may think when they come across it. The worst part is that the goodies were also filled with drugs, and I have a horrible suspicion that something other than a person has mutilated the box, and the brush packaging, but luckily the brush is fine. But alas! A pet or two is now poisoned to death or at the vets, somewhere. And the saddest part is, I didn’t even plan this shit!!!!!!! I feel fucking horrible for the owner(s) who may own their beloved pets which may have stolen the package. I can’t believe I accidentally poisoned something by reason of not finding my little parcel on time, all because some dude didn’t put it on the back porch where it would have been easy to find straight away. The next parcel I make will have dummy instructions in the notes section just to ensure that whichever contractor turns up, won’t have excuses to stand on if he leaves something somewhere so I can’t find it easily, and especially if someone or something steals it and possibly kills itself! Oh my God I’m never letting this issue happen again. Troy needs those worm tablets next week, so if anyone took them, they’re inconsiderate moles. If an animal took the box, then what sad luck for it! Gotta go. I have to post this blog and then I’ll make another blog at home.


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