Lost postal order

Well, I’ve been waiting for a parcel to arrive since I ordered it last Tuesday. I almost never have problems with Australia Post. Apparently the driver did drop it off, I just can’t find it. Haha I hope that’s all it is!!!! So much for going out! My plans are stuffed now. I wanted to traipse around a bit but I can’t till I get my parcel in my hands. Then I’m gonna carefully take all the loose hair off Troy, and I’ll be taking off to the shops after. I need to upgrade the iPad and I seriously need to totally forget about a horrible video I was curious about. Some stupid scumbag made derogatory remarks about Israel a few years ago and died soon after. Well curiosity killed the cat and I had to listen to the story!!!!! The mongrel was Italian so I’m glad now that I can’t understand his words. But his voice tone sounded nasty and demonic, he didn’t even care about his own life being affected by his antisemitic raving on! OMG!!! Some people are scary and weird. It goes to show how evil humans really can be. Oh well…. Nothing you can do. I could spit on that damned person’s grave, but I don’t want to be exactly like him. I’ll just forget about that video and not remember that story over time. I’ll just wait till my iPad charges up and go to the shops later. I need.a wifi hot spot to upgrade it so I’ll sort it out then. I’ll just catch up on blogs and all that for a while.

Me and Mum texted each other a few days ago. I hate talking to her, all she does is argue and carry on. Texting makes it so much easier to get messages through without yelling and getting nowhere. My brother reckons I should just talk to her and hang up if she starts her shit. I agree, but I’ll only take so much. And all this crap about everyone learning is just hogwash so I just ignore it too. Mum learns nothing and I’m sick of treating her like a kid! I’m supposed to be the kid, not the other way around. Mum isn’t hard-done-by either. And since she insists that she’s my mother, she should start acting like a nice person so she can visit me and we can get along a bit more. She needs to prove herself to be reasonable and not nasty and neglectful and all that. Until then I’m only on long-distance terms with her for mine and her safety. It’s sad that I have to be that way, but the last thing I want is trouble and unnecessary pain. I grew up and found a big and better world, yet Mum has to act like she’s a failure doesn’t she? Well maybe if she hadn’t blamed everyone else for her actions and got help a long time ago instead of dragging her kids into her shit, life would have been a bit different. I’m sure my eye wouldn’t have been fixed had I stayed in Darwin. I actually don’t know where I’d be today if I was still in the desert town. Me and my friend Shirley don’t keep inn contact anymore so I hope she’s still alive and well! Peace to her otherwise. I wonder how my church friends are? Is the same pastor still there? He probably wonders if I’m all right as well. I wonder how the two people who spoke a few times at the church, are going too. I think of all of them including a person who left the faith. I really hope she’s all right and finds a good group of Christians who can help and support her. And the Jews and pro-Israel supporters who frequently visited. I really hope the couple who I chitchatted with one time, doesn’t think I deserted them. I wanted to move into a community housing complex but of course those plans had to be swiftly interrupted! So I hope these lovely people realise I didn’t turn them down out of spite or malice. I was angry at a lot of people when I left, and no, it doesn’t include putting Jews or their supporters off side. I was angry over other issues. I just want people in Darwin to know that I hope life is working out for them.

Troy is doing fine. I’m glad I worked out the bones issue. His excitement still gets to him but I just quickly clean the mess and find a grass patch straight away to remind him of proper toilet routines. So he’s good. O and M is perfect so I’m just gonna do whatever suits me now. If I need help then I’ll get help. It’s not that hard to stay safe. Hopefully Troy will still be healthy when he retires. I personally reckon he can work for another three years. He eats good food so I’m not worried really. He goes to the vet twice a year and does fine with that. I get his stuff from Budget Pet Lroducts instead of Pet Stock for a good few months now, and I’m not looking back! I still get poop bags from the other place in Melbourne because they have good supplies for people who love to travel and for businesses who want good but affordable stuff that can be stowed away easily and kept maintained. I especially love the discounts! I get more stuff if postage or products are marked down. What that means is, I can get more supplies of what I need before I get the new dog so I won’t have to worry when he or she comes home! I’m so glad i left my horrible situation with Mum, me and Troy are so much happier now.


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