New chapter, new outlook

I’ve been trying to delete posts on here which I wrote ages ago, but the only way I can do that is by going through each individual post. I find that idea too tedious. But when I try to delete posts I’ve searched for, it doesn’t work. I can’t even send posts to the trash. So I don’t know what to do with the friggen blogs I no longer want on here. I suppose I could keep mucking around with Safari but Safari and WordPress don’t like each other, so again I’m stuck in a dilemma. Besides that life is fine. Stacey was here for two weeks, I wish she could have stayed for longer but sadly she had to leave on Sunday morning. Yesterday and today my ceiling got repaired. So I’ll be giving the place a clean whenever I’m up to cleaning. Right now I’ve got no energy. I want to go out but I have no idea what I wanna get up to. I guess I could go to the local IGA or something, or wait till tomorrow and go out to Gordonvale. Troy loves it when I go there. That lovely sugar cane smell I think! And also the fact that there’s a lovely vet nearby. I love the food at this cafe I go to. So Gordonvale in the morning it is. It’s too quiet without Stacey here. I can’t wait to go to Brisbane soon! I’m gonna visit all the people who’ve been real friends to me over the years. I plan to go there for a week. Should be lovely.

It’s rather windy outside. I sit here thinking how peaceful life is, while people in the Middle East fear for their lives every day. Especially the Israelis. There being treated like shit while the rest of the world condemns them for defending themselves. Anti-semitism is bullcrap!!!!! I don’t believe in it. I may not be Jewish but I am pro-Israel. I don’t agree with Israel being set up for destruction. I do believe Israel is the home land of Abraham’s descendants. I do believe God chose them to be an inheritance among the nations with Jerusalem as the capital city. I believe Israel is the eternal inheritance above all nations, will always be in the heart of the nations as in on the central part of this earth where they are now. God will renew the earth eventually and dwell with his people forever, the Israelites living in their home land and God dwelling there forever. So yes, I think Israel should be blessed. I haven’t covered every single thing I believe in but I’ve covered a lot. And I also pray for them all the time. Why should I sit in luxury with no thought of how much fear they must be living in right now? Do a bit of YouTube surfing and see for yourself. And the other starving people in the world must really be angry over not even getting an opportunity to eat while the rest of us wastes food. If you were going hungry, you’d eat every last skeric on that plate. I can understand some people can’t eat a lot or are finicky eaters, but they don’t know what true starvation is like. I don’t care if I offend people when I say that whoever wastes food without a care in the world, has no idea how to appreciate life and they take their survival for granted. Truly starving people don’t waste food unless they physically can’t eat or they have a few food choices and may turn food down if they don’t like it. A lot of food was wasted when Stacey was here. So next time I’m only accommodating for my own hunger unless indicated by any guest to accommodate for them. Since I won’t let anyone run around after me unless I’m sick, I don’t have to look after anyone else.

Oh well, I think it’s time to make a cuppa and take Troy outside. Writing always clears my head. I just have to find some posts which I now hate, and delete them. I guess I can do that over coffee. I won’t wait till I’ve got a new laptop, who knows whether I’ll be here by then or not?

Now I’ve got a coffee and a cup of cold milo in front of me. I took Troy out and also took a phone call from the job agency I’m with. I got them to take me off their books because they haven’t got job info or nothing. So I’ll be fending for myself from now on. I don’t need a job to survive, but I don’t want to live solely off the Government for the rest of my life. So I’ll see where my opportunities take me. I’m a year away from being thirty and I’m close to retiring Troy. I can’t decide what to do with my cane training after that. I need it to be eligible for another dog, so I’ll make more major decisions about my future when I get to that bridge. I need to move to Brisbane at some point. Better blindness services and better accessibility and all that. And more footpaths to take guide dogs along. There’s nothing here. Cairns is good for holidays and people with cars, but bad for blind people. And since I still have this blog, I’ll have a lot of shit to talk about each day. At least I know where one of the hotels is here. I’ll be right. I’ve got a Housing Commission number for a place in Brisbane but I’ll only go there if I’m desperate. At least there’s more work opportunities in the big cities. Plus the humidity is low in Brisbane so I’ll be able to handle the weather better. I hate being bored!!!! It’s friggen horrible. Reading books and playing computer games every single day is wearing thin. If Troy wasn’t here I’d have packed my swag months ago. Time to find a more adventurous lifestyle. Cairns is still my home town so it won’t run away.


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