Really really sunny!

While I have the time, I’m making a blog! I was sitting at my bus stop in the sun, it was lovely. Then the bus showed up so I got on and made sure the driver knows where I wanna get off. So now I’m enjoying the ride! I had a cuppa before I left. It means I don’t need another one for an hour. I have to finish this Microsoft Word course before December. I’m being held back by people who won’t fucking let me create my own workload. God I’m so bitter about that!!!!!!!! Oh well, whatever…. I’ll just keep going with the course lol. I need to show how determined I am that nothing and nobody can stop me from achieving my dreams. I’m an active person but I know when to get rest too. I can tolerate my family and friends advising me on life matters because they know me well! But if I haven’t asked other people for their opinions, then maybe it’d be a good idea to keep the mouth zipped.

I went to bed early last night but fell asleep late as usual. At least I didn’t have dishes to do, I didn’t feel hungry so I didn’t make dinner. I chatted to people over FB and eventually went to sleep. I woke up with a bad cough so I took some nurofen to calm my throat down a bit cos it was getting sore. I’m coughing a bit less now. I didn’t want to make lunch today so I chucked two tins of tuna in my backpack. I hate preparing food all the time. Plus I have to rashion my food a bit so when Stace turns up she won’t starve. I’ll be making bangers and mash tonight. That way I’ll have lunch or dinner tomorrow. Then I just have to keep making meals to last for two or three days each time. It will work! I have so much meat in the freezer and sometimes I go to Jill’s house for lunch or tea. I’m gonna make Stace a really nice dinner when she arrives, just not the meal I really want to make! But as soon as my pay comes in, I’m making a lovely pasta bake! Then at some point I’m making potato bake. When the support worker comes to pick me up three days after the pension comes in, I’m buying a lot of steak and making a surprise meal. In going to keep Stacey guessing! I’ll be worn out but it’ll be a fun time.

I’m now waiting for a bus after almost getting run over. I was trying to find a traffic light pole but I found out from as lady and a guy that me and Troy walked onto the road and I didn’t even know it!!šŸ‘ŽšŸ˜šŸ˜”šŸ˜ž I hate the infrastructure here!!!! Plus that light pole which I use as a landmark is fucking broken. So I can’t use that audio signal until they fix the bloody flamin’ thing. So luckily there’s very nice people around. I think this is bullshit. I’m talking to my O and M instructor the next time I see her. I’m sure I haven’t been killed yet because most people are respectable. If I was making these mistakes somewhere else, I’d be crippled or dead by now. I hate all the crap about totally blind people are safe and independent. No they’re frigging not! They’re only safe because people fucken watch out for them. Oh well I’m on the bus now, where there’s true safety. I’m going home to get ready to go out again. I’ll be walking to my local Wifi zone to stream a lot of videos! I’ll drink heaps of water first, that way I don’t get thirsty later. Then I’m coming home to cook sausages. Yea! Not. I wanna get a meal ready as fast as I can so I can chill for an hour. I’m making gravy to go with them because sausages with gravy is yummy! White sauce is better so I suppose I can put some effort into making it. Or, I could make it when I get home and just read for the rest of the evening. Who knows? I don’t wanna keep putting credit on my ipad! I need a new fridge as well as a chest freezer so I need all the money I can save.


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