Well I haven’t done much today. I’ve got computer training tomorrow, lol I was a day ahead of myself yesterday! Oh well, I had a good rest today so I should be super refreshed in the morning. I have to be home early tomorrow arvo for a frigging appointment which bloody sucks. I hate all these service reviews. I may give people valuable info, but I wanna live my own life instead of living for everyone else. I just think that people should leave me alone unless I ask for information or whatever. Oh well, I guess I won’t be getting no dinner tomorrow night. I’ll see what happens. I’d better not starve tomorrow. I’ll have a fair bit of money so I can definitely get myself a good lunch. I’m definitely taking my iPad tomorrow, I’m using the Fleksy keyboard to write this blog and although I’m a bit slow, I’m a lot faster than if I was just writing in the Word Press app. I could use the Bluetooth keyboard, but couldn’t be bothered to set it up. So I’m using a few fingers to touch-type. I may still have to edit this, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

I did a fair bit of reading this afternoon. After that I went for a walk to the shops, I’m super tired now. I finished eating an hour ago and have been in bed with my iPad ever since. I think I’ll finish this entry and publish it. I can’t think clearly anymore, I just wanted to see how I’d go with this Fleksy keyboard. I’ll try to write another blog tomorrow. It should work out since I have my iPad now.


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