I’m writing this entry on my iPad in the notes app. I’m using my wireless keyboard because I type so much faster on it than I do with the touch pad. I guess I’ll get there eventually. I used to be super slow with my phone once upon a time. So hopefully the iPad won’t be much different! It works twice as fast as my phone so I can breeze through Facebook and my blogs and everything. I only got the iPad three days ago, after a massive argument with Mum because she wanted to cause dramas once again. She is NEVER staying with me again. She’s really helpful when she wants to be, but as soon as something doesn’t go her way, the whole world collapses around her and she makes sure every person within earshot and sight, knows about it! So that’s it with us, she’s not doing another thing for me again, not while I’m alive. After heaps of fussing around and me blowing my fuse because I wouldn’t tolerate shit for two seconds, Mum left a day early, and I got my new toy worked out, and the world still hasn’t blown up. If anything, life has gotten a whole lot easier. I don’t need the Internet on the laptop anymore, I hate safari sometimes, but Internet Explorer is a dick on occasion too. I love my iPad, it works just like a laptop! So I’m not only saving money, I don’t have to use my laptop much anymore. I can’t stand them, the battery wears out real quick and they are so hard to work with. I find the Apple stuff way more accessible.

I’m going to Vision Australia tomorrow. I have to wake up early. I think if I get up at 5:30 and try to be ready within an hour, I’ll still get time to eat my breaky and have probably two cups of coffee. I drank way heaps last night when I went to Jill’s place, we all had stew. Bill and Jill makes the best stews. After that we had golden syrup dumplings. They were soooooooo nice! I got super pissed and came home and crashed all night. I woke up late, slowly dragged myself through the day, and now I’m writing my blog before bed. I’ll set my alarm so I won’t sleep in for too long, I so wanna get to VA early and show my computer trainer my iPad!!!!! She’ll love it. I’ll also ask about pre-paid Internet connections for laptops, but I’m not dying over that one. I technically only need a PC for office stuff, and it’d be quicker to use it to send stuff back and forth from whichever email address to the laptop so I don’t have to muck around with Safari too much. But honestly, if I really need to edit a document, someone can either put it on one of my memory sticks or they can give me a memory stick. I shouldn’t have to email everything from my laptop. It’s a pity I’d have to change phone plans just to create a Wifi hot spot! That frigging sucks. I can’t do Internet tethering, and the only way to connect my laptop to a Wifi network is if I get a package for a mobile hot spot which is gonna be a bloody fortune. So my only other plan is to try to sort out an NVDA set-up on one of my memory sticks so I can use anyone else’s computer to send emails if I really have to. Or I could buy a bloody desktop computer, but they’re flaming bulky. So then I’m back to eventually needing a new and better laptop because I use iTunes to back up my phone and iPad, so I don’t have much choice there. If I really fucking have to, I’ll get a Wifi network, and the cellular card can just sit there for the just-in-case times. My Auntie has a cellular iPad, she only pays for her 3G coverage if she really has to, other than that she uses the Wifi. I guess that’s what I’ll be doing. I’ll consider it. I need a new vacuum cleaner, so this will be first on my to-do list. I need a dentist, but they’re coming last. I’m not getting rid of my guide dog, or anything else in my life, just for a dentist. I’d have to be in intensive care or some drastic thing, before I’ll put money away for anything to do with my health. I will look after myself, but I’m not spending a million dollars just to fix a few God damn teeth.

When I’ve finished at VA, I’m gonna go to the shops. I’ll buy something for dinner, but I don’t have a clue what. I never know what I want till I actually get there. I’ve got pumpkin and potatoes, I reckon I’ll be making pumpkin soup. Oh well, my mind is made up. A bit of cream and vegie stock will do. I’ve to the rest of the stuff at home. On Wednesday I can buy stuff for a beef stew and I’ll just make it in the crockpot. Making it in a frying pan is doable, but I reckon quite hard. So I’ll just chuck a few things in the crockpot and let it cook itself for eight hours. Then I can take some of this to Vision Australia on Thursday.

Well, I’ve typed up a fair entry here! I think I’ll get going, have a nice warm shower, then come back to bed and listen to podcasts on my iPad for an hour and then crash I reckon. That is if I can download them without using all my data. Find My iPhone isn’t downloading because there isn’t enough data on my Sym card at the moment. But there will be when I get another few gigabytes soon. I’ll see what happens, I’ll look into the Wifi stuff a bit more, but I’m not gonna change anything until I’m certain I can actually afford to live still, once I’ve got a network set up. For now I’ll just use the Wifi hot spots. I’ll test something out with the laptop too, when I can get the chance to plug it into iTunes and then have my iPad joined to the wifi network. Life is fine! On that note I must edit and post.


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