I wanna write a blog while I’m sitting here. I did way heaps of housework today. Mum will be here next week so I don’t want to be concerned about anything at all. The vacuum cleaner is stuffed but it’s old anyway. My brother cleaned my spare room yesterday and I think the carpet cleaning powder blew the motor. The same problem happened to my other brother’s vacuum cleaner years ago when he cleaned baby powder off the floor, and the motor blew up. I need a new vacuum anyway so I’m not actually that bothered. I hate mopping the floor, but plenty of people mop the floor without vacuuming it. It just takes a lot longer to mop it that’s all. I’m getting chores done so I’ll worry about the vacuum cleaner when I’ve got the money to get a proper good one! I have to get a new fridge first. Stacey will be here by then, so I’ll have to sort the vacuum cleaner out as well, or I won’t be getting no Wifi network. I want a network, but phones and entertainment aren’t as important as living every day. I also have to keep food on the table while I’m buying all these expensive gadgets and whatnot. I’m not about to go hungry for anyone unless they’re about to die for Christ’s sake. I’ve also gotta sort out the dog products in two weeks too. If I get tic products and dog food at the same time, I won’t need to think of that crap for ages and ages. Then I can definitely get a Wifi network and a good vacuum cleaner. I love online shopping for this very reason, I have control of my budget better.

The weather has been funny lately. Rain and hot weather have been changing like flicking a switch. Its a bloody pain! I can’t walk anywhere cos its either rainy and overcast or boiling fucking hot. I can never win. I’m going out tomorrow so please don’t be too hot or wet. I want to buy a roasted chook, but I got ripped off by a cabby yesterday, so I’m not being ripped off again this week. How the hell can two taxi drivers offer different prices for the same frigging trip? You can factor in different routes, but for God’s sake a two -minute drive can’t be four bucks to the grocery store and back one time, and seven bucks there and back the next time! Taxi drivers are so cunning when they wanna be! I’ll see what the weather is like this arvy, I really want chicken for dinner. I reckon chicken tortillas will be lovely. Then again, I have heaps of bread to eat, so I’ll just make chicken and salad sandwiches. While I’m at the shops I’ll get some more mayo and a jar or two of sandwich fillings. Different toppings for salad sandwiches are sooooooooooo yum! I’ll see how I go. Usually those convenient stores sell you little jars of stuff for the most ridiculous prices. I may just stick with the roast chicken and mayo. I reckon I’m gonna just wait for the support worker so she can help me get a few jars of stuff for cheaper, as well as a few other things I need. I also need more meat so I’ll get that on Friday. She’d better not get me that crappy blade steak shit. That thin crap is so tough when it’s cooked! I want rump, not every other shit stuff. I fucken hate people who think they can decide when I will and won’t try different foods. Its my flaming choice of what I eat and whether I’ll eat the same things every day of my life or not. I didn’t get a support worker to tell me how to organise my life, I actually got one to help me with what I want to organise in my life! Whatever, I’ll sort this problem out asap. It could be that sometimes there’s only crap meat on sale. But I’ll just get in first and make sure there’s no trouble. I just wanna load my place with food and all that so when Mum comes over, she can eat, and when stacey turns up I won’t have to do shopping straight away. I’m sick of running around all the time.


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