I’m gonna write in shorthand 4this entry. Wrote my earlier blog & got a message from my bro that I’d get picked up a little after 6 pm. So am out front now waiting 4him. Turned autocorrect off so i wont be hindered by it. I read 4half hour & the reporter who wrote the book, always used shorthand 2write tonnes of info really fast. Bro is coming – will write more soon.

Am at a Jap restaurant. Apparently good food here. I’m gonna try pork belly. I fcan’t wait 2try their sushi! I love sushi so i sjould have no trouble eating it. I could eat it till blue in the face. I know i’ll be right eating Jap food any day. Gotta go again, bro’s wife’s cousin’s here and food has been ordered!

Now i’m home. Had the most wonderful dinner ever. I had pork belly, sushi and squid! I love squid, when it’s cooked right it’s perfect. I had 2 fruit platters for desert, the lady who’s my sis-in-law’s cousin, she didn’t want it so i ate it. It was soooooo yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! I’d go back there again. After that we had ice-cream cones. Then home! Had a shower & now i feel ok, let’s just say some problems aren’t what you’d wish on your worst enemy! But i’m ok now. I’m about 2turn autocorrect back on. It’s painful but i can type way faster with it! Ok it’s on now. Still using shorthand but I don’t have 2worry about typos all the time. Now the dumb feature isn’t working reliably. Oh well. Nothing’s perfect… I’ll just keep with lazy typing on this phone anyway. In any case I’m tired now so I want 2read 4a while until I fall asleep.


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