Running around like a mad woman

Ok! I’m finally sitting down. I haven’t sat down much today at all. For one thing, this morning I had to clean the bathroom and unblock the toilet. Lucky I know how to work a mop and make good disinfectant solution. And I’ve got a bleach-based toilet cleaner. I don’t like bleach because I’m scared shitless that it’ll splash onto my clothes, but honestly I’d tolerate a little bit of bleach splash than a big vomit and IV fluids and medicines any day! Not that bleach would splash on me since I wouldn’t just let it happen. I’m just saying I’d rather get splashed than get extremely sick. So I’m glad the bathroom is all clean. I went straight to the bus stop after that, I got to vision Australia in good time! I wasn’t there early but I certainly was there by nine-thirty which was not bad. I got all flustered over Troy not wanting to stay under the desk, but I rang Jodie and we sorted that issue out, all I bloody have to do is shorten the leash when I leave Troy for short periods so he can’t extend the tether enough to get out from under the desk. Then when I sit back down, I simply lengthen the lead again so he can roll around a bit. If he tries to get out from under the desk for a wander, I just tell Troy to go back under the desk while guiding him with my hands. Then he gets a pat and I get back to work. I chitchatted with a lady for a good amount of time too, so I didn’t get as much work done as I wanted, but I passed an assessment task for the previous module and got through a bit of studying so I’m satisfied with my progress. I also got sushi for lunch, it was lovely! I had to use the stairs though, the lift was broken and luckily I didn’t get in this morning, or I would have gotten stuck! The door simply wouldn’t budge when I kept pressing the button to go upstairs, so of course I decided to open the stair well and go up them instead. Then the guy with his guide dog soon arrived and tried the button, the door opened and he got in and was trapped in there for a few minutes. He reckons he’ll never use the lift again, he doesn’t care how many flights of stairs he’ll have to walk up or down to get anywhere. Lol! I was never gonna use that lift again either till the receptionist said that the guys were fixing it and it should be done by afternoon. I tested it when it was time for me to go home after I read for a while and chitchatted for half an hour. It worked properly, so I decided that as much as I don’t like elevators, taking the stairs is just too time-consuming. Haha maybe it might take me calling triple zero to make me change my mind! Honest to god, after last year’s shit in the hospital and me going up and down the elevator put in the mix, I considered never touching another lift again even if I had to make complaints and cause all sorts of trouble. But my uncle has a bit of trouble walking up long flights of stairs and the hospital mainly uses elevators because it’s way easier than going up huge ramps or stairs, so eventually I just tolerated them, and after some months I got used to them as places which didn’t always have to make me spew or feel like crap. As for this lift at vision Australia, it works most of the time but has unexpected trouble whenever it feels like it. So after all that running around cleaning my house and then going up and down stairs, the elevator was a thirty-second run to the ground floor without having to worry about sore legs. Hopefully I should never get stuck in it or I won’t be using no lift again except for at the hospital.

I got home and put my stuff down and started making a smoothie with the intention of sitting down for three hours to read. But instead I got a call from Jodie saying if I had time, it’d be good for Troy to get registered as a guide dog. So I drank my smoothie rather quickly and sat down outside for half an hour while I mucked around on Facebook and Twitter. I got Troy registered and now I’m waiting for a tag to arrive in the mail. I don’t need to keep re-registering him! Queensland definitely has a better system than the NT. I won’t be going back up to Darwin for nothing. I came home and Jodie got me to get Troy’s old gentle leader that I’d kept in my chest of drawers. It was still ok, so she adjusted it to make sure it fit right, and she showed me Troy’s gentle leader while it was on him. She made sure I could take the leader off and put it on. So now it’s a matter of putting the leader on when Troy eats breakfast and dinner for two days. Then put the lead on him with the GL while he eats, so then he won’t treat it like something bad. By next week Troy should be realising that sometimes I’ll put the GL on him when I know he’ll be excitable at vision Australia or when he acts up at the shops because of other dogs and whatever. But the GL won’t stay on. I just need it for controlling Troy’s leash pulling, so when he’s all settled, he doesn’t need it. I’ll be keeping the GL on me every day so hopefully I won’t need to put it on very often.

Jodie eventually left and I cooked a piece of crumbed steak and put it with salad onto a tortilla. It turned out shit! The food was yum but I couldn’t get the stuff to wrap properly and a lot of the food came out. So I ate and cleaned up, and after an hour I made a tuna and salad wrap. The tortilla didn’t wrap very well, but most of the food stayed in it. I reckon chicken and tuna stays in pita bread much better because it’s not being rolled over a clump of meat. I seriously do not understand how people can load pita bread so full. I reckon I should just keep making them most days of the week till I get it right. I think I’ll start making wraps every Tuesday and Thursday so I won’t have to keep buying lunch. That’ll be a start! I keep water bottles in the fridge too so I took one along with me today and it helped me stay hydrated all day. I totally hate getting thirsty. I’m glad I’ve got coke in my fridge, I really want one now. I’m super full from eating so much food.

Tomorrow I’ve got my support worker. I’m buying that keyboard and I’m definitely looking for thongs! While I’m at it I’ll look for good sandals, and if they cost more than ten bucks I’ll get them at the next pay check. I’m friggen glad I don’t need to worry about Troy for ages now, so at the next pay check I’m also putting a new single bed in the spare room. The futon I’ve got is soooooooooooo worn out and falling to pieces. I’m eventually getting a new toaster. As for tomorrow, I’m getting a few vegies to roast, whether they turn out right is a fucking different story! I’m buying cooked roast meat, there’s no way in the world I’m going to try to roast any meat from scratch. If I have enough money I’ll get some stuff for a banana cake, and possibly a little bottle of Baileys to mix into smoothies. I need to buy milk anyway so I’ll see how I go. I won’t be needing any butter for a while since I’ve started making tortilla wraps.


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