Guide dog’s travel day, and more!

I’m doing this post while I wait for my clothes to be washed. I had a super big day! I woke up at 5:30 and got up at 6:00. I was so bloody tired. I got ready and spent half an hour eating breakfast. Then I got frigging mad trying to find my thongs but I eventually found them. Then I flicked the sliding screen door fairly hard because I wanted to close it without having to push it closed so I could just take Troy into the back yard, let him do his ten-minute walk, then just wait out the front for my O and M instructor to pick me up. But instead of the door just sliding and clanking shut, the bastard flew into the door frame jamming the lock! I can flick my Auntie’s back screen door shut and not have to use my hand to slide it closed, and it clanks fairly firm! But it never breaks. So I won’t be calling the real Estate, I’m gonna fix it my own way. They aren’t going to tell me that things need to be totally stuffed or they won’t be replaced. No, if something’s wrong, fix it before the whole thing goes to shit. The back blinds are f**ked too, but the Landlord will only fix them if they’re completely shot. So they’re broken, but because the blinds can be pulled across, they’re not ready to be replaced yet? What bullshit ay! I want to move into a better place that’s worth the value, but unfortunately I can’t afford to move. I think Landlords are selfish when they want to be. Maybe that’s why the other people were willing to pay a contract fee to move out, they know the place was shit and that the Landlord wasn’t gonna use that money to fix it! Hmm… I bet if I paid a fee to get out of here, the next person would be in the same boat. Lucky for me, I’m just gonna keep dog food in stock so I can keep money put aside so I can sort stuff like this out with no worries.

I couldn’t wait to leave, and I was much happier when I got into the car. Another person who’d just joined Guide Dogs was with us, and my O and M instructor took us into town to the Guide dogs office. We waited for other people to turn up, then took a bus out to Gordonvale to a museum and then had lunch at a park. Troy did really well. There was a few children with us, they were doing some cane training skills as they did the museum tour as well as the general tour around the town. Then as we were waiting for a bus home, the kids decided to have a pat of Troy. The guy with his new guide dog couldn’t let them touch the dog because new guide dogs are still learning to accept their master as somebody they need to assist with their mobility. Since Troy and another lady’s guide dog were used to us as needing them around for help, we were fine to let the kids pat them. One of the children got concerned about Troy sticky-beaking a bit too much lol! So I showed him how I cross my arms across my waist so if the dog sniffs me, I just move my arms downwards a little to block the dog’s nose from going too far. Everyone was fine after that, and I explained that Troy was just working out who they were and didn’t mean any harm! Lol! I put Troy’s harness back on and we got the bus back to town. I got out at my local IGA store and went onto Facebook for a while, checked my emails and then got some stuff from the grocery store. I got a cab home because I didn’t wanna walk with a heavy backpack. I got home and cleaned the kitchen, made a big banana smoothie and enjoyed it for almost half an hour. All I have to do tonight is hang the washing out and go to bed. I have computer training tomorrow. I want to take a Braille book along with me this time. I do my studying, eat lunch, then have nothing left to do but play with my iPhone till the battery goes flat. I really have to buy a new iPhone charger this Friday before the cord totally frays and I get electrocuted. I’m definitely not about to wake up in intensive care over waiting for a recharger to stop working before buying a new one. Fuck that! I won’t be taking the recharger with me tomorrow, I’ll just save power in the phone and read my book over lunch instead and just muck around with the phone for a few minutes. Then when I get the new charger, I should be right to lug it around as well. I can’t wait to buy that desktop keyboard either! It’ll be nice to practise course exercises with it. Since I’m waking up early tomorrow and I’ve got two more bananas, I’ll just make another banana smoothie to get me some energy so I can study for two hours without stopping. There’s also a lot of bugs going around at the moment, especially the stomach viruses, so I think if I overdose the potassium and magnesium a bit, if I do get sick and spew up, I won’t be needing IV fluids. I’m sure the last time I vomited badly and needed molly-coddling for twelve hours wasn’t exactly because of a flu, but spewing up doesn’t change much regardless of the cause, so rather than risk getting put in front of a doctor or stuck with a needle, I think I might just load up on tonnes of nutrients so getting sick won’t actually kill me. I’ve got coke in the fridge too so if for some reason I do lose the plot, I can settle my stomach with it. But I shouldn’t get sick so I reckon I’ll be fine. And like I said, if I do end up getting sick, I’ll recover without too many issues. Oh, and I also need to get addicted to blended drinks and eventually different soups that I want to learn to make, because when I get my teeth fixed and a Tetanus needle, I’ll definitely need very good appetisers.

I’m not doing a whole lot this weekend, or for the rest of this week actually. I guess it means I can sit around with drinks and books. I know Troy will need to go for a walk at some point, so on Saturday or Sunday I’ll go out for a while. I won’t be too concerned though because he’ll be with me when I go out tomorrow and on Friday. So I’m certain that the next week will be pretty boring besides going to Vision Australia on Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve gotta go, the washing machine just beeped so I need to hang it out. Then I’m going to bed so I can wake up fairly early.


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