A bit of research…

Ok so after reading this article, there really is no such thing as a long-term pain medication, unless of course you take Panadol in small doses as needed, and other ones in small doses, even less often. That’s a bit hard when the pain someone is experiencing is serious enough to find it hard to cope with. But the drug companies don’t care, it’s the few physicians out there who do care, and will use the popular technique of changing pain medicines so people don’t get too much trouble from each one. Other than that, I guess it’s time to think about this shit again since I’ll be getting rid of my wisdom teeth one day and I need to weigh up benefits versus cons for the procedure and the medications that I might need. I honestly don’t reckon I need nothing, just that I’ve learnt that no pain is better and taking antibiotics to stop an infection is better than getting way sicker from a bug than from the side effects. That’s what I’ve been taught. I think it’s wrong but we live in the 21st century now and we’re all taught how to be sooky and never learn how to cope with hardships in a stoic manner. If I had it my way right, I’d lay in bed with a big bottle of water and a few snacks and I wouldn’t get up for a week except to have a shower and use the loo. And I’d take only Panadol or nurofen occasionally, but if I was in serious pain I’d lay face-down in bed and just kinda ride it out till either I did genuinely need medical help to get better rather than die, or I’d miraculously get better, slowly does it! I like the olden days version of things where we didn’t need modern medicine. You died or you lived, sometimes got medical help if it wasn’t too late to save yourself, but that was it. It’s a much better way to be I reckon. The only thing I’m gonna bend the rules for is getting vaccinated against Tetanus. I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about side effects if it means avoiding lockjaw and fits on the deathbed. As for other problems, I shall just handle them my own way.

I had a really good sleep last night. I got up and ate breakfast, did a bit of washing, and have been playing games and surfing Google. I need to hang towels out soon but that’s about it. Then tomorrow morning I’ll clean the house a bit and go to Vision Australia in the afternoon. It’ll be a good time to take a book into town at like ten or eleven, and just read for two or three hours over lunch. That way I won’t be stuffing around. The other thing I’ve decided to do is take the laptop to the local café on the weekend. I don’t have a Wifi network, and I need to make an iCloud back up, and the only way I can do that is to plug the phone into iTunes. I don’t really like using a laptop in a public place, but I don’t have much other choice. Apart from that I have nothing much to do. I have to get shopping done during the week, then in two weeks’ time I’m gonna order dog food and tick products just to keep it all in stock. That way when Mum turns up and then leaves, I’ll have like twelve or more weeks to save up for a new fridge and a dentist visit! I know it’s radical, but I need to put dog products and food on the back burner for as long as I possibly can so when Stacey turns up, I can worry about making sure there’s food on the table every day and still live my life and fix my teeth. And I have to focus on my well-being when I get drugged up and put on antibiotics. I have to fill the pantry full of coke and packets of food and put two loaves of bread in the freezer so I can have food at my fingertips at any time of the day or night for a while after the dentist and for two days after my Tetanus shot. Radical, but my comfort level always comes first over everything else. As for Stacey, she needs some respite from the stuff that’s happening around her too, so I’m sure she’ll be in the same boat but not in the same way of course. But she’ll obviously want to focus on her own well-being and comfort, and if coming to Cairns can bring her some respite, that’s good for her. So I really need to totally forget about the dog products. So that’s my current plan! I know Mum will whinge when she gets here, but I’m the one who needs to live my life in a functionable way, so she can keep her ideas to herself unless they’re important and intelligent. I just want to have a good time while she’s here, I’ll be a new Auntie again so I don’t want my joy to be spoiled at all. Mum is supposedly a mental health worker, so she needs to grow up and act like one. I’m sure nobody is immune from personal problems and all that, but acting like a five-year-old when she can’t get her own way, is such a good example to the mental health community! I’m serious if she stays normal and happy, I won’t have to fetch anyone I know to make her leave. I’ll be seriously happy if we can just chitchat and be normal adults. As the old saying goes: I’ll be nice if you’re gonna be nice to me and we’ll have an easy time instead of fighting and making our life difficult.

Well I have a bit of sad news again… Ok I don’t like reading that people are slowly getting better, but then they take a turn, and they’re in a repeated cycle of ups and downs for what seems to be for ever. Poor Mara is back in hospital. Hopefully she’ll come home again soon. It’ll be nice for her to get a new kidney. Let’s hope it works out! I’ve been following her for years now, I’d be devvo if anything worse happened to her. We always seem to take life for granted till something terrible happens. Yet for the kids on Caringbridge, life is never taken for granted because they know each day could be their last very literally. And it’s extreeeeeemely sad. I’ll update you on her progress in a few days.


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