Technology hiccups part 2

I came home nearly an hour ago. I had KFC for lunch, I haven’t had KFC for years. I had one of those chicken wrap meals, which I like. Before I had lunch I went to Dick Smith’s to check out some Microsoft keyboards. I’m gonna buy one next week! They’re only $30. I won’t always use it but at least if it’s there I can practise Windows keystrokes the same as at Vision Australia. That way I won’t forget anything. After I ate and put the keyboard on Lay-buy, I bought milk and chocolate chip ice-cream. I came home and farted around with the computer till now. I’m trying to enable the email post feature, but I just can’t get the option to appear. I’ll see how it goes in the next couple of days. I’ll never use my Bigpond account again though. I seriously hate the way Telstra has set it up! You can set it up to a large degree, but it takes a computer technician to fix some of the settings. That’s fucking bullcrap! I went to Yahoo and simply set up an email account and linked my phone to it, I had no problems, I didn’t need some dickhead to hack into the computer or nothin’. So I’m super happy. I can’t delete the Bigpond account just yet, I need to keep my current Internet connection till I change providers when I get a Wifi network. Telstra can go to hell.

I had to re-create my Apple ID, but I’ve got it all fixed now. I rang Apple a couple of times, so now I’ve finally sorted out how to get rid of old IDs from iCloud, I can finally send an email to Apple, telling them how I did that so they can tell everyone else. Obviously they’re people like anyone, they aren’t immune to mistakes, and they need to learn new things just like normal people do. That’s what some people forget, especially the person from Vision Australia who thinks Apple, Microsoft and so forth, can solve every one of his technology problems. They might, but laypeople can be just as good, if not better at times. Oh well. I’ve sorted my shit out now, and Bigpond will be diving into the brimstone in the near future. I can’t stand it. Yahoo is so much easier to use. So now that I’ve spent three days fixing laptops and phones, I’m gonna crash super duper early. I need a good sleep all night. Hopefully I can get up reasonably early and do my washing tomorrow and laze around. I’ve fixed the attachments in emails issue too, so everything is fine, so I guess I can read all day for sure. I got my house cleaned today, so I’ll just do a bit more cleaning on Sunday. I’ll be going out every day this week so I won’t be able to clean much. On Monday afternoon I’m going to a conference at Vision Australia. On Tuesday I’m going to a disability expo. On Wednesday I’m going to a travel day for Guide Dogs. Oh and on Tuesday afternoon I’ve got my job agency appointment. On Thursday I’ve got vision Australia, then a good two hours of sitting on my fat arse while the buses take their time. Then on Friday I have Bluecare and my support worker. So I frigging won’t be getting a God damn day to myself next week. So I might as well get plenty of down time this weekend.


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