Technology hiccups: Part 1

For the past three days I’ve been sorting shit out with my email account. Bigpond is too temperamental, meaning that you’re ok if you can avoid problems with accessing Windows Live, if the Telstra site is working on any particular day, etc etc. But when I tried using my iPhone and laptop at the same time because I forwarded an email to myself and wanted to be sure it was in WLM and all that, I was locked out! So I buggerised around for hours and hours, even tried a password I use for my banking site, tried creating a new password which didn’t work, saved a new one in my phone but it wouldn’t let me use the new password in the phone or laptop, you get my gist. So I rang Stacey who helped me out, she’s really good with all this stuff. We spent hours working out a new Windows Live address, then decided that Yahoo Mail would be better, and so far it’s all right! I linked my phone to it and believe me, the site server is more compatible with the phone! Instead of mucking around with security settings and whatever other crap Telstra wants you to do, I just made sure the Yahoo mail was in the settings in the mail app, left it as it was and just connected it! Since the account has my mobile number, the phone just picked up everything it needed so now I just work with it without issues! And no, I won’t be ringing Telstra just to ask them why I can’t delete emails from the Bigpond inbox in the site. And yes, I played with NVDA and a few key commands in the Bigpond site, it took me sooooooo long to work out that you needed to press a key combination, then the Enter key to get links/buttons to activate. I won’t explain the logistics of it, it’s boring. Anyway I don’t need to ring Telstra when all I need to do in Yahoo mail is tick the boxes and press the delete button, confirm that I want to delete the email(s), then I’m done. And there’s no crappy proxy server that I need a fancy technician to fix for me. I won’t go through none of that balloni. Good luck to people who use Bigpond, I don’t like it.

Also, eventually I wanna get a wifi network anyway so it’ll be good to change providers and knock Telstra on the head for good. The only issue I’ve got with Yahoo mail is I can’t download attachments, meaning there’s no link or button to download them. But I can check this out with the phone, and basically I can copy and paste the info and text/email it back to myself if I really have to. I have to finish this suddenly, the support worker is here so I’ll write more when I get home!


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