All the dogs in the neighbourhood are barking and causing a racket! They’ve stopped for the time being, but Christ only knows how long the peace will last. For the past hour I’ve been skimming back over entries from years ago. I feel soooooooo nostalgic! I’d never repeat some experiences, but God I’d love to be working and would have totally skipped all my eye surgeries! Vomiting doesn’t help with nothin’ unless you’ve swallowed something. Other than that, it serves no purpose! Nor does that fucking noise those dogs are making! And while I’m listening to them, I’m still waiting for my cousin to show up. I just found out she’s not well…. Poor thing! If my cousin can’t come around I’m gonna have to eat all the bananas and yoghurt. I won’t be letting food go to waste if I can help it. I’m going to bed soon, am so bloody tired. I’ll write another blog tomorrow.


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