Winter and sunshine

This morning I woke up a bit late so I rushed to get ready. Since getting rid of the spending harness, Troy seems to get through his breaks a lot faster! I hate rushing him, but if he naturally gets sorted in a matter of minutes, that’s fine with me. I called a cab and waited for an hour which meant getting picked up at ten-thirty instead of nine-thirty. That really sucked, but I got to Vision Australia in the end, and I got a fair bit of studying done! I’m doing Module 2 now so I’m getting into the text processing stuff. Pretty bloody cool! I’ll be setting an alarm next Tuesday so I should be right. I also got a taxi after I had lunch because it was so overcast and rainy. I sat around for a bit then put washing on and read books. A cuppa went down with my lazing around really well too.

After that I had a long shower and washed my hair, got myself ready for going out, and waited around for my brother to pick me up. We spent an hour at this really fancy Indian restaurant! We ate big heaps of curry and whatever that flat bread is called. After that we went to a Swiss ice-cream place where I pigged out and wanted to steal my brother’s ice-cream when I tasted it! I bought a tub of vanilla ice-cream for making smoothies. We left and i was dropped at home. I’m still super full! I’ll definitely will be going back to those places.

Continuing from last night: I had a seriously good conversation with my brother! He wanted to know how my life was going, so we blabbed on for at least three hours! Then when we came to my place, Josh laughed at Troy! Obviously he thought things were all good so he left with what I would assume to be a big smile. He freaked out when he heard a loud bang so he rang me and was ok when I let him know one of the containers had fallen from the freezer when I was putting the ice-cream away. I need new containers anyway, so when I thaw out this meal I’ll chuck the broken container away and get new ones from Kmart. After that I got ready for bed and started this post. I got really drowsy so had to stop typing and crashed soon after that. I thought I was gonna take forever to fall asleep.

I woke up super early because I was busting for a massive pee. Then I slowly got ready for the day. I took Troy out the back and he sorted himself out without a hitch. I’m so glad I know how to restrict Troy’s relieving space now. I make sure he’s in front of me when he squats so I can’t leave any mess behind. There may be some residue, but if I can clean mess really good apart from some scraps which can’t be picked up, then as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing just perfect! I threw the bag in the bin and made myself a cuppa and brought it outside. I’ve bean out here ever since. Now it’s windy and cold, so I’ll be getting a big drink of water soon and another cup of coffee. Seriously this winter weather is ssoooooooooo much better than that shit heat!!!!! From the way the birds are squawking and chirping and carrying on, I know they absolutely love it. They’ve been going since five o’clock. I base the weather on what the birds are like now. If they’re quiet or sound forlorn and gloomy and sad, I know it’ll be a bad day weather wise. Apart from milling around, I haven’t done nothing. I spoke to my brother about getting my Tetanus booster so he reckons he’ll let me know when he’s getting his vaccinations and if I can’t get them at the same time, I’ll work something else out. My only reason for getting that crappy shot is just so I don’t have to worry about getting lockjaw and other shit that goes with that, which I know for a fact is going to be less bearable than aches and pains for three days. I’ll need a packet of nurofen, dozens of sandwiches, and about six pints of water to handle those few days. But I’ll recover from it much better than from getting a horrible bug. I’ll get my vaccines at any time this year.

The support worker is showing up soon. I’ll make her a cuppa, sort the doorbell out, and go to Mount Sheridan Plaza. I’m getting a few things so I can learn to use the blender tomorrow. I also need more dish rags and toilet paper, and I bet if I use any flaming friggen money, the God damn lawn mower guys will come around next week! But hang on… If I don’t spend no money, nobody will turn up! Stupid tradies! I’ll see how things go. At the end of the day, my life and well-being has top priority over everything else.


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