Mara is having a horrible time at the moment! She was getting ready for a kidney transplant, but an infection has stalled her progress. The scariest thing is, nobody knows whether this bug will go away or not. The treatments to totally get rid of it are as risky as doing nothing at all and hoping for the best. At best, this kid’s life expectancy may be fairly short if they don’t give her a new kidney, and if the doctors don’t clear her infection away from all her lines properly. So she’s between a rock and a hard place at this time. Geeze, if I was Mara’s Mum, I woulda given the docs a piece of my mind by now! It may not be their fault that things are going topsy-turvy, but after so long, the tolerance level for issues wears a bit thin. Hopefully things will work out once again. Her site is linked in a few previous entries. I feel soooooooooo terrible for Mara! I never thought it would get this bad! She was in ICU a couple of years ago and that was bad. This bump in her journey is in some ways worse because either way, everything one can think of to help her, can also end it all! Does she wait to see if they can clean or replace any lines? Does she hope for the best, get a new kidney eventually and risk still having bugs hiding somewhere? What if the kidney transplant stuffs up or she accidentally catches a viral infection? So whatever happens, poor Mara is in one of those damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t places. And it ain’t good. She’s gonna have to have no bugs in her lines and recover for a month if she’s got any hope of making it with a new kidney. I’ll update you guys on her progress in a few days, sooner if anything major happens.

I had to take nurofen half an hour ago. Whatever flu I’ve got, caused me to cough up a fair bit of phlegm and so forth. Luckily it wasn’t so serious. I made a sandwich and a cuppa, which has helped a lot! If I feel sick again in a few hours, I’ll take more nurofen and drink a mocca to cheer myself up. Getting sick has never stopped me from liking chocolate or coke. It’s a pity the cokes weren’t on special or I’d have one in front of me now. I wanted to buy vanilla ice-cream so I can start making iced coffee, but I knew that the freezer would be full of frozen food. So I’m saving up to buy a deep freezer so I can store food without further hassles! Can’t wait! For now, I’ll just focus on keeping track of my bank account. I’ll still buy a treat occasionally, nothing and nobody except for a doctor can take treats away. As far as I’m concerned, people who worry and fret about the food they eat are just as bad as those who stop eating or eat to the extreme! Sorry to offend anyone, but if you can’t enjoy your food instead of freaking out over what you claim it’ll do to you, then that’s your problem. People don’t need you goody-goodies to push your bizarre ideas into their life. If they wanted your help or advice, they’d ask for it! That’s why we have a doctor, it’s their job to lecture and guide us, so please kindly stop taking over what they’re here to do, unless someone asks for opinions. So all that said, I will eat what I damn want, when I bloody well want.

I’ve been listening to tonnes of podcasts lately. I bet I’ll be listening to more of them today. Then I’ll cook fried rice so I can take some to Vision Australia tomorrow. I’ve got other snacks in the cupboard too. I’ll leave those to when I really need them. I figure if I don’t use up all the food very fast, I should be fine for a month! In a couple of weeks I’m gonna get a stack of washing powder and hopefully I won’t need to even think about running out of it for months. Maybe if there’s still heaps left in the container by then, I can put off buying more. If that’s the case I’ll just leave things as is for a month. I wanna try to coordinate ordering dog food and tick stuff at the same time if possible. I have to prepare a Christmas present by November so I can also keep track of my budget. I know it will work. Everything works out! I just have to keep looking for work while I’m at it.


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