Cool and breezy…

I’m really enjoying the weather today! Summer is finally going away. I haven’t done a whole lot of late. Me and Troy are doing fine as usual. Apart from having to fend off two loose dogs with deodorant nearly three weeks ago while I was walking, we’re all good. I didn’t have to do any fighting with dogs crap last week. I have no sympathy for people who let their dogs roam, then whinge and cry when the dogs get lost or hurt. And if people don’t want me to fend off dogs like I do, don’t let them chase me! Dogs that escape are bad, but at least those people probably didn’t want trouble in the first place. As for the out-of-control dogs, I’m sooooo sick of shouting at them and waiting for five or ten minutes for the situation to settle. So now I keep deodorant on me, and if a dog charges me or barks and growls and all that, I simply pull my can out and spray away, and within thirty seconds, all is back to normal! I’m not willing to wait for something to go wrong, I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’d rather explain my actions than go to hospital or worse. Same for Troy. There ain’t no way I’ll let him get hurt if I can help it.
I went to Jill’s place yesterday. I spent the whole day chitchatting and eating! I had chocolate, a tim tam, bacon and eggs for breaky at home and at Jill’s for morning tea, then a jaffle, then two servings of fried rice last night!!!! So I was spoiled rotten. I came home, played with the laptop for a while, then I crashed. I over-slept even though I was asleep before 11 pm, so I’ve set an alarm so I’ll wake up earlier tomorrow. Plus I don’t wanna wreck Troy’s routine! All I can say is, I wish my left eye could let a lot more light in so I wouldn’t always need an alarm clock except if I stay up late. Oh well… I cleaned my face, took Troy out, fed him, then made bacon and eggs. I think I’m getting better at it! I’m not perfect at it, but if I can enjoy my breakfast, it’s a good sign. I took half an hour to clean up after that. Oh well it’s better than not eating a meal at all! I don’t want to cook tonight though, so I’ll just nuke a frozen dinner I think. I have to buy bread, but since all the dogs were rounded up last week, walking should be pretty safe and easygoing. Dogs behind fences don’t bother me, it’s the loose ones that I can’t stand. Besides that I’ll be right when I get the bread. I wanted to get cold meat too, but that can wait till next week. I wanna get a bit of salad to go with it. I love meat and salad sandwiches! A bit of grated cheese and chutney doesn’t hurt either.
I guess it means I can read for the rest of the week. I don’t have nothing else to do. I’d love to buy some chocolate milk but I may have to leave that till next week too. I’ve got full control of the shopping and the dog food, so I’m gonna keep putting money away. When it comes time to get my new guide dog, I’m damn certain I’ll need to have two grand ready to cover transport and accommodation costs, not including the food!!!!! I want to get the tilt train, but with Troy, a 24-hour trip will turn into two days. So maybe a plane flight will be easier, even though there’ll be a lot of fucking around to get on and off the plane. Good luck to people who aren’t bothered by planes. I hate them and I don’t have to go near one except if I’m about to cark it. I’m sure Troy loves to get sore ears too! Hearing him whine when he knows we’re walking off the plane isn’t nice. He never whines when we get off a bus or get out of a car unless another dog tries to greet him. So unless I can find a way to stay comfortable on a plane, I won’t get on one again. I’ll get a packet of eucalyptus lollies for whenever I may need to fly again. If I’m lucky and I do well, I not need to fight with nobody.
As for wanting to read with a cold flavoured drink in front of me, I’ll just stick to plain milk or water for now. I’ll just do nothing like I usually do, besides playing with my phone and computer of course. I’ve been trying to beat Super Egg Hunt, but I’m finding that to be an impossible task. Ok I need to post this blog so I can take the dog out for a pee break.


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