Getting on track

I’m using my wireless keyboard to write this entry in my notes app in my phone. My laptop’s Internet has gone over it’s usage for the month, so I don’t want a slow connection fucking things up! I haven’t used my keyboard for ages. So before I hang washing out and read for the next three hours straight, I thought I’d get a blog out of the way.
I’m still happy I got rid of the Daisy Player. I love reading Braille books! I haven’t read my Kindle books lately, for one I haven’t got spare money to pack my phone with Kindle stuff, and secondly I’ve been taking a break from my phone. I love it so much, but eventually I just want the old-fashioned paperbacks and no outside noises at all. Technology is really smothering me. I just wanted to let myself go into my own world for a week. While I was reading my books, I kept thinking of ways to save money. I’ve worked it out, and I also found ways to save on dog food! I’ll still get the large bags of dog biscuits most of the time, but getting a smaller bag occasionally can give me room to sort out my own food and clothing crap too. I also like to save up for the rainy days or if I’m not gonna be home all day. So I’ve sorted my shit, Troy is getting vaccinated on Friday, and I’m living the high life by spending a couple of dollars here and there. So while I’ve got the budget on a good balance, I’ll put a couple of three kilo bags of dog food aside so I can just buy a big bag of it once in a blue moon instead of every six weeks. Then I can throw any spare money in a locker and forget that it ever existed. This world is getting ridiculous with its materialism shit and I ain’t gonna be swept away with it.
I went to Vision Australia yesterday. All this trippin’ around is making me happy! I went to my job appointment which went very well. Besides a few things my job consultant wanted to discuss with me about a previous appointment and me saying things were ok for now, I went all right. I handed my resume to a vegetarian joint! They don’t have any kitchen hand positions yet, but I said I’d be happy to start whenever they decide I should come in. I told them that there’s no rush, just that I’m looking for work so if they kept my resume and somebody else left or whatever the case, they could decide whether I would suit the job or not. I said I’d replace someone at any time, other than that thanks for their assistance whatever the outcome! I couldn’t believe it. They said I could have my dog there, so I said so long as Troy could see me but not be able to make contact with me, that I can dry and pack dishes without contaminating them. Cool! So I left my appointment super duper happy! I went upstairs to Vision Australia and spoke to the technology trainer for an hour over coffee. She sent me a few emails with a few technology courses I could do. Since I’m planning on doing the courses in class, the trainer is going to run through one of them for free, since it’ll just be a couple of bits and pieces I don’t know. But I’ll be paying for a couple of courses, this lady knows I have a fucking horrible budget to put up with, it’s sad Centrelink won’t take into account the vet bills and grocery list each week when giving me my pension but oh well what can you frigging do? So I told the trainer that I’d only take a course for free if something urgent came up and I couldn’t get money put aside. But as it is, give and take a month, and I’ll be right to fork out a bit of cash. This is why I need work. My DSP is there so I can survive because it’s harder to do jobs, but at the same time my survival is getting very very boring and monotonous without hardly any entertainment! It’s pissing me off. But with working out a few things with how much dog food I can afford from month to month, I’m slowly making tracks with this bullshit.
I’m going into town tomorrow for coffee with a friend. He’s the one with the new guide dog. I went to the shops today and got my little treat, a meatballs and salad roll from subway, sorted my money out and came home and ate tinned soup which I boiled on the stove. It’s certainly nicer than nuking it I tell ya! I made sure I had my backpack sorted so I can just wake up, eat breaky and leave in the morning. After I drink my coffee, I’m going into Vision Australia to buy a Bop It game from the secretary. Apparently she doesn’t want it, but I still wasn’t going to buy it except that she said she wasn’t hardly using it. So I accepted the deal because I wanted that sort of game anyway. So there you go! There’s a few different models of Bop It, so I decided that this particular one wasn’t bad. I’m going to see if I can beat it when I get home. I’ve got my own life sorted, so when I’m sure I’ve got enough packets and tins in my cupboard and Troy’s stuff is sorted and I can save a bit of money, I’m sorting out a little surprise for my family. They’ll find out when the time comes. I can give them something better than a wad of cash believe me! Until I sort stuff out, I’m not saying anything. Besides keeping away from the few drunks who hang around the bus shelters on occasion, I’m fine.


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