Good guide dog review

My O and M instructor and a GDQ trainer turned up today. They’re really happy with Troy’s health! The only concerns was Troy not getting enough water when I go out for a few hours, and he needs to go outside more often. As for the water, I hardly drink it when I go out, just too lazy to consider it till I’m so thirsty I don’t have a choice but to find water. So I keep a water bottle in my backpack for Troy now. Forget about me, I can drink when I want to. Nobody else will get hurt if something goes wrong for not drinking enough water for too much longer. I’m the only one living in my body, so of course I’ll be the only one in trouble if I don’t start drinking heaps of water every day, not just when I stay at home. People are getting far too soft these days. The body can tolerate a lot of punishment. I’m very old-school where drinking and toilet habits are concerned. If you need to survive, you will. As for the dog, he’ll always have grass to go to and water and food. I’m gonna check out some stuff on the GDQ website soon. I was told about some stuff that I want to look at more.

I cooked beef stir-fry for lunch! I put one container of it in the freezer and am eating the rest for dinner. I love the stuff from the butcher. I’ll be buying it every two weeks. I can’t even put ice trays in the freezer anymore because there’s too many frozen dinners in there! Oh well, now that I’m getting my shopping under control, I’m gonna start cooking every day or two so I’ll always have three or four meals in the freezer, so I can just leave them for the occasional lazy day or if I run out of food once in a blue moon. I’ve also got another lawn mower guy sorted, he charges for how much lawn you’ve got and how long. So I said it’s below six inches long, so I shouldn’t have to pay $35 every God damn time I want the lawn cut. I’m getting money sorted this week so I can get this guy to cut the grass as soon as possible. Then so long as I get this guy to mow my lawn fortnightly, everything will be fine and I’ll never run short on money again except if I really have to spend it on important emergencies. Besides all that shit I have no idea what else I’ll do this week. Now that I can get into the city and back home by myself, maybe I’ll treat myself to a coffee next week! Or whenever I can meet up with someone from Vision Australia. Or if meeting with the person doesn’t work out, I’ll just go into the city this week. It’ll be a little treat! I used to go into the city all the time when I lived in Darwin, so because there’s a few places I can get to here, I’ll be living just as happily. I’ll be back, I have to take the dog out.

It’s raining outside. I thought it went away earlier, but obviously not. Troy’s doing well though. He’s a lot happier when he can have a quick walk outside every once in a while. Now that I know Troy has got not a fucking thing wrong with him, I’ll sleep well without one bit of concern where he sleeps, just so long as I can get him to leave my room on rare occasions that he gets sick! Thank God he doesn’t spew every week now. Troy is doing a lot better now that he doesn’t eat raw bones. You’d think that being a dog, he’d handle bones. But all animals do have weak points. He does good with deer antlers and raw-hides, so I don’t care. I’m happy that Troy is healthy and that’s all that matters. So I’ll focus on reading my Braille books for the rest of the week and go for walks when the opportunity arises. I’m sick of this bloody rain. Now that I don’t have to buy milk every day, I’m laughing. I can walk a lot more and get stuff at the IGA, knowing I can keep dish rags in the cupboards and a few extra snacks on hand. Life is a bit easier now! Oops, now that I think of that, I forgot to buy tim-tams! I’m definitely buying them next time. Coke was far too dear, four dollars for a fucking two litre bottle! I’m not buying coke from this local grocery store, those bottles cost five dollars. I hope the cokes are on special at Wooleys next time I place a shopping order, I wanna make sure biscuits and coke are in abundance so I can just forget about them, save up one or two pay checks, then go into the city and actually have a bit of fun for once without being afraid that I’ll run out of food tomorrow. I frigging can’t believe it! I get the ball rolling for online shopping, find a pet products site with reasonable prices, and now I’m getting a lawn mower guy who hopefully won’t rip me off! I understand people having to buy petrol and new blades and all that, but Jesus Christ. Oh well it’s sorted. Hopefully this time will be a good deal. I hate dropping people when they don’t end up being reliable, but everyone is about money so I need people to be reliable and let me know what’s happening without leaving me in the dark all the time, or they won’t be turning up to my place again. Hopefully this person will work with me a bit more. If I have to cancel lawn mowing appointments, there’s probably a good reason for it! I can’t fucking starve and put my life on hold over a frigging lawn mower. At the same time, if I want to speak with someone, I don’t want to take ten years to contact them. It’s all good that these business people have schedules to live by, so I’ll take that. But I’m not sitting around forever either.


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