A good job appointment

I slept for half the day after staying up all night surfing the Internet. I’ve been listening to tonnes of videos! I’ll finish writing tomorrow, have spoken to a friend for an hour and i’m dying for sleep.
It’s 6:30 now. I got up this morning and spent an hour finalising my online shopping order, sorting out another online pet shop account, and sorting out a phone order for a pack of dog poop bags. What a lot of crap to get done! But i had to sort it all out so i could still put money aside for Troy’s yearly vacsines. He is one expensive dog! But he is lovely. After i placed all my orders, i took Troy outside then made a coffee. I read for the next three hours in between hanging loads of washing. I’ve got all interesting titles this time so i should have fun reading them all! I have to return one book which came back to me. For God’s sake i had the God damn books ready to go but no, support worker had to frigging stuff them up! Hello, i don’t tell her where i want books sent to just for fun. Bloody hell! Next time, she won’t be touching the fucking cards!

After i finished with chores and books, i went to the shoping centre and got a six dollars take-away from the Chinese place. I caught a bus, got off not far from my street, then walked to the IGA store. I got two containers of stir-fry from the butcher after sitting down for half an hour with a bottle of coke. I was given one container for free! That butcher is a spoiler. I came home, had a nice shower, and am lying down in the air-con, Troy attached to his leash next to me. He’s super healthy now, but if he ever gets sick, i’ll be able to usher my dog out of the room really fast. None of this vomiting against the door and all over the carpet bullcrap! Troy will be right, he only eats raw-hides and deer antlers now. As soon as i pay the vet bill i’m gonna save up for that deep freezer. I wanna get Troy started on the Leading Raw diet. After that i’m sorting out a temporary fence then i’m saving up for a new laptop. No way will i be installing Jaws on to it! Fuck that. After finding out how well NVDA works, i’m never going back to Jaws again. Frankly, Jaws isn’t worth one grand let alone three grand! It used to be a very good program. Now it’s bullshit. My iPhone still works good so i’ll continue to use it.

I had my job agency appointment yesterday. I’m waiting for a response to a job application, but personally i reckon my chances are slim. I’m going to the Endeavour Foundation next week so i’ll see how that interview goes. After the appointment, i went to VA and checked out two talking bar code scanners. The one i had turned down two years ago, has really sparked my interest! What a dickhead i am sometimes. Oh well. I’m told of an updated model which is a bit smaller! God. So at least i don’t feel as stupid for waiting till now to get one. I’ll fill out the form tomorrow and send it to the OT to make sure i’ve done it right, then i’ll send it off and that’s it till the dog trainer and my O and M instructor turn up! I had to let my instructor know that i’ve already got the coppers on my case in regards to a set of traffic lights. I said other people may help me too so not to worry! The guy who helped me cross the road was extremely nice! He made sure i was ok, then made sure other cops and traffic controllers and the like would be expecting me to show up at those lights. I wanted him to be sure every man and his dog knows i’ll need help all the time, but not every day. I’m so glad this set of lights will only be off for five weeks! The good thing is that i’m getting to know a few cops here. I know the majority of people are harmless, but i still like every other security person to know i’m there just in case something happens.


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