A boring weekend

I’m drinking a cuppa! Today went all right. I haven’t done jack shit for days now. I gave the kitchen a good clean a while ago, the frigging sink and benches were dirty. I also disinfected a saucepan which I left on the bench and didn’t remember that it needed washing for just over a week! I almost spewed up, but when the Pine O Clean finally worked its magic, I made sure the dirty bench and pot had been sterilized. Now the house smells like a new place! Honestly I couldn’t understand why the air in my kitchen smelled weird for some time, now I know what it is. Eeeeeeuuuuu! That was disgusting. Then I over-nuked a frozen dinner so I only had like four mouthfuls of it before deciding I’d chuck the container of food in the bin. I have five other meals in the freezer so there’s no skin off my nose. I’ve made sure to stock up on all the tinned soups I could find, so next time I do a big shop I’ll focus on the washing powder and the baked beans. Spending just over a hundred dollars on groceries ain’t bad. Next time I should spend a bit less, and with each lot of shopping, I should be spending less each time till I’m only buying essential stuff. I’ve decided to stock up on the long-life milk because I’ll save money in the long run and I won’t have to be running to the shops every five minutes to get milk. It’ll be nice to just run to the shops to get soft drinks and fresh bread! I won’t be buying any take-out at all for a while though. I need all the funds I can get so Troy can get vaccinated as soon as possible, and I can get an extra bag of dog food and not worry about it for months. I’m keeping my money tree out of sight too, when I get one going that is.

Troy is doing fabulous. The cute puppy is as healthy as one can be. Lately I’ve been playing games with him, using a clicker I got way back when I first got him. I’ve been teaching Troy how to find his bowl. He’s getting good at it, so when I know he’s fine with that task, he’ll be taking his time with learning how to find and fetch his leash. I won’t extend these games to everything in his life, just the simple stuff so that way when we’re out, he’s working and these retrieving/fetch/other entertainment games are not related to work life at all. My plan with these games is to use the clicker for as long as Troy needs to revise his little tricks, then I’ll slowly replace that clicker with just my voice. So eventually my dog should find his bowl and fetch the lead without me having to click and treat him every single time. I want Troy to eventually associate these tricks with me and my needs, not with a clicker and food. After these little tasks are sorted, I’ll be teaching Troy how to play hide an’ seek. I’ll hide somewhere easy, then slowly make it harder and harder, so if something happens, not that anything would go wrong, just a scenario that if something happens, someone can tell Troy to find me, or if I can call out, Troy will find me. Honestly, I never thought I’d have to hide from someone, not ever! But allowing Troy to sleep under my bed while I was living in Darwin, was a sort of preparatory step that I didn’t even realise would help the both of us when finally, one night in 2011 or 2012 – I can’t remember which year, Troy went under the bed next to me as I was talking to the coppers in order to stop a brawl between Mum and B, the ex-boyfriend of hers. Troy did growl, but somehow I was able to calm him down enough that neither Mum nor B knew of his growling. So after that the dog stayed put and very quiet while I relayed what was happening for almost ten minutes. Seriously I don’t know why Mum didn’t hide either! For fuck’s sake that argument was gonna get worse anyway, and if anyone was gonna get hurt, it would have been Mum because she kept fighting with b and I pretended not to notice while I whispered and spoke between my teeth on the phone. Believe me, it took two seconds to secure my room so it was hard to open the door, it took like five minutes for me to undo my cubby house! Lol!

What I remember next after hanging up when the cops turned up, is dead quiet, then someone calling out to me and helping me walk slowly from my room while walking beside me to cover the door with his body and his gun, and then walked behind me to keep me and the hall in front of me covered in case B should come back and start a big war. If I remember rightly, I’d accidentally went for the front door so I had to be turned around to walk in the right direction to get to the dining room. I was a serious mess, so the policemen kept me and Mum covered so B wouldn’t be able to hurt us if he decided to play the hero and barge back into the house. I also recall having to show the guy the phone so he knew I wasn’t hiding a knife or a gun. I still had to put it down! God damn you’d think people would realise that the cordless phone wouldn’t be a good choice of weapon because if that breaks, no phone! Oh well the police have to be safe rather than sorry, and they have to make sure you’re as safe as they are so you won’t get hurt because of mistakes on their part, or the invaders coming back in and using that phone as a weapon or using another weapon, assuming you’ll use the phone as one. Some people are bloody fucking stupid, but I guess the cops have to be prepared for all scenarios, not just the normal ones. And I guess when it comes to checking if I’ve got weapons and acting like I’d likely get into a fight, I’m assuming the cops have to treat every person indiscriminately, even if they wouldn’t dream of hitting or shooting a policeman in a million years. Mind you, I’m glad the guy covered my back where B is concerned. If he had turned up again, I would have abused the fuck out of him and risked a Taser or bullet if it hadn’t been for the cop keeping my back from the start. Luckily the dickhead didn’t come back, he went back home so eventually I and the cops relaxed a bit more ass me and Mum sat down and spoke with them about what we did to sort the old guy out. The policemen still kept us covered, but they weren’t so cautious after they realised me and Mum weren’t gonna fight with them, and when B didn’t return, both policemen relaxed more and made sure we were ok. They were still expecting B to return anyway, and that if he did we’d most likely try to fight with him, but other than that, the cops were fine with us just sitting there. They left after about half an hour and confronted B at his house and revved him. I tried to tell the cops not to worry about how I hid from B because it wasn’t as if he was gonna try to look for me while his attention was on Mum anyway, but no, he still had to kill b for making me feel like a hostage. I guess the cops were right, but to me, really I was just protecting Mum from getting hurt worse. I knew there was a possibility that I’d have to fight B, but I knew the chances were slim. The cops weren’t to know that, so B still got in trouble for not only treating Mum like shit, but also trapping me in my own home and causing me to feel threatened enough to hide, whether he was intending to eventually go after me or not. I tell you what, if that poor dog had accidentally gotten hurt, I would have taken a bullet or Taser dart for him! I would definitely hate that option, but if I was given the choice of letting Troy get injured or killed, I’d not accept it and I’d stand in the way and fend off anyone who was intending to harm him whether intentionally or by accident. The way B was acting, I would have done something stupid had the cop not been right next to me, so I’m glad B never turned up again that night, and I’m absolutely so glad that the cops were ready to stand by me and Mum and get other policemen to sort B out if he were to come back. I can’t thank them enough.

So allowing Troy to go under my bed in peacetime was very beneficial for the both of us when it came to wartime. I’m very happy with my dog. Hopefully we won’t have to hide from anyone ever again. I like policemen, but having to put up with World War III is a bit much. Hopefully these little games will just be entertainment outlets, I like my peaceful life! As for the other guy who I discussed two weeks ago now, his guide dog is doing excellent! They got home two days ago, so they’re settling in together and are happy to be living a new life as a team. I can’t imagine life without a guide dog now. I can survive without one, but survival isn’t the same as living. There are people who say they won’t have a service dog because they’re hard work and bla bla bla. But at the end of the day, I don’t believe in running my life by how other people will react to me. If I’m not hurting anybody, then too bad what people think. If they don’t like my guide dog, that’s tough luck! One taxi driver who is scared of dogs, he stupidly asked me to push him back when me and Troy were walking to the taxi and because Troy was a little too close for comfort, the guy put his hand in front of us to prevent Troy from moving further, so I was forced to step in front of Troy and push myself towards the driver so he wouldn’t dare try to push Troy any further, or block him any more. For one, I didn’t push Troy back, and two, I gave the taxi driver the don’t-you-ever-do-that-again-or-else, look. It’s ok for someone to be scared of dogs and their big teeth, but there is no way I’ll let these people get away with using fear as an excuse to push my poor dog around! The driver is lucky I didn’t bite him that day, we’d have both gotten into trouble. The guy had a wise mind not to try any other moves, I can assure you that bad behaviour in front of me and Troy doesn’t go down well. I won’t even trust most old people around me when Troy is next to me now, I’ve had too many negative experiences where they don’t think that their bad behaviour is affecting Troy. I know they may just not understand that acting all excitable and jumpy in front of him causes him to get confused and edgy and stirred up in turn, but raising voices and expecting me to control a dog after someone has scared it as though it should have just stayed calm, is way beyond my tolerance level. How would you like if I scared you and expected you to stay cool and collected, yelling at you if you got more fearful and nervous? If you can’t stay in total control when you’re startled, don’t God damn expect a dog to be perfect! Service dogs are wonderful and they are trained for most scary situations, but I’m sure no service dog likes being blasted by shouting and jumping around, even if the heroes aren’t doing it at the dog. I was so enraged last week when I had to lecture two old ladies after failing to calm them down with nice assurances that my guide dog was fine. After that didn’t work, I got started and the poor bus driver had to step in and make sure me and Troy were ok, and he had to calm me down so I wouldn’t start shouting either. Eventually I just focused on calming my dog down and correcting some bad behaviour which didn’t last long. The idiots tried to complain but nothing came of it. I got on another bus later that day and Troy was perfectly fine. I make sure to keep the dog extra secure on the buses now because I’m sick of prying hands and I’m fed up with people eliciting attention off the poor thing and then blaming me because Troy is starting to get out of control. Mind you it’s ok for these goody-two-shoes to blast me and talk bullshit and still expect Troy to not notice. How about the fearful people follow a few instructions while I’m calm and collected, so when Troy plays up, he’ll take a minute to settle down so we can continue off the bus or he can continue to lie quietly in front of me or under the seat. It would make everyone’s life a lot easier.


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