I’m finally able to write a blog! I was meant to write yesterday afternoon but didn’t get much time to. So today I am updating everyone on my goings-on. I looked at a few vacuum cleaners today. The one I’ve got is ok, but it’s starting to wear thin. It’s a small bagless one, but it’s one of those vacuums which fills up straight away. So I think I’ll get a similar one, but it’ll be a better quality one, a bit more fancy but not too big for my unit. I won’t get it in the immediate future, but I am looking at buying it six months down the track. I’ll get Troy’s vet appointment out of the way, take some money to someone who has been waiting for it for three months now, because I couldn’t pay part of a cab fare to and from Chass’s grandfather’s place when we played swish for a few hours. Swish is like table tennis, but it’s modified for VI people.

Apart from eventually needing a new and better vacuum cleaner, life is all right! I’ve been keeping myself healthy since I’ve been putting food in the freezer. I’ve been saving groceries in the online Wooleys trolley, so I bought a 10-pack of take-away containers. I’ll still get containers of stir-fry and chicken wings from the butcher sometimes, but if I buy containers now, I can just throw meals into the freezer straight away. The other thing I did was go to the VA web site. How easy is it to just select dozens of Braille books! I’ve even requested the Hunger Games Trilogy, the entire series, even though I’ve got it in my Kindle app already, just so I can read it in braille! The voice-over app doesn’t pronounce some words properly, so I figured I’d get a slightly clearer read from the Brailled paperback. How cool! I got a few other titles too, none of the mucking around with gadgets just to frigging read! I’ve sorted books out, so tomorrow I’m sorting the chores out. I’ll clean up before the house gets too messy. I don’t like chores, but I also don’t like dirty floors either. Then on Sunday I’m playing computer games and reading dear Fatty. Dawn French is good but eventually her writing gets a bit old. I think she writes really good though, but for some reason I also have trouble picking up the book once I’ve put it down. She does write about extremely sad and tragic shit in her book though, so yeah I don’t know. I’ll read a bit more of that book soon and see how it goes. I want to send it back next week, so I’m certain if I get cracking and trudge through it even though some things in it do make me cry, I should be finished with it before next Friday.

I checked out how NVDA works with spell-checking in Microsoft Word. It gets ten points! So it means I can edit my blog entries once again! It’s funny, I hardly ever used the computer because the iPhone was way more accessible. Now that NVDA has made the laptop more accessible, I can’t leave it or the phone alone. Bugger! Hey, it means I can get a new laptop with no worries! I think a good Tashiba computer is the way to go. Next year I’ll have a look at all the options that’re out there and pick my choice. It wasn’t at all hard to install NVDA onto this laptop, so it can’t be that hard to download it into a new laptop! I’ll put the program onto a memory stick so I can just install it from there. My laptop hasn’t been locking up on me at all either, it’s like a new computer. The screen is fucked after I bashed the laptop a few times last year, but I’m getting a new one soon enough, so it doesn’t matter. NVDA won’t cause issues with it, since finding out that Jaws has been fucking up my previous laptop and other computers I’ve been using, I’ll never touch that damn program again.


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